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Website Maintenance

Concentrate on your core business, while we help you maintain your website.

Website Maintenance Services:

Any industry, any company size, any platform.

Website maintenance service is the act of regularly monitoring, updating and keeping your corporate website functional, relevant and up to date.

Just like a car, a website needs regular monitoring and management to operate smoothly, a task you constantly and regularly need to undertake if you must keep your customers' trust and interest.

Maintaining and monitoring your brand’s website in-house can be a daunting task but a must need for your business.

That is why Backdesk as the best website maintenance service company will help in the overall maintenance of your business website, while you concentrate on growing your business.

No worries, our website maintenance service is cost-effective and fit your website size and functions. packages start at just N20,000 monthly.

Website maintenance - Backdesk

Website Maintenance Services - Keep Your Website Up to Date:

Case Study: Once Upon a House Property Solutions LLC.

Content Updates:

Our team of developers keep your website up to date as you send your updates; content, graphics, videos, photos, pages, etc.


Technical Support:

The website receives regular technical checks and fixes: Quick Response to Downtime, site Security monitoring, Domain Name & Hosting Renewal, daily backups, plugin updates, broken links fixes, mobile responsive check, speed check and fix and new feature setups such as emails, website forms.


What's not included:

Website redesign, navigation redesign, custom coding, media creation: pictures, videos. If you’re looking to do more than add or remove a page, then you need to look into Website Design Services or Give us a Call.

The process is easy:

Email your updates

Requesting a website change is as easy as writing an email.

Coffe cup

Sip your cup of coffee while we handle your changes.

We are always connected

Submit your website update request at your leisure.


Case Studies

We put all our years of design experience into every project.
We’ve hand-picked some awesome designs we think you’d love.
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