Search Engine Optimization

Can your brand or products be found on Google when relevant keywords similar to your business are searched for?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

For you to stay ahead of your competition, you should ensure that your website always ranks high on search engines. This is where internet marketing solutions as it concern Search Engine Optimization comes into play.
At Backdesk Innovative Solutions, we understand the value and power of branding and we take pride in giving these values to our clients – thanks to our team of SEO savvies.

Why chose us?

We will help you achieve the following with our working SEO strategies:

  • Perfect user- experience
  • Brand awareness
  • High conversion rate
  • Visibility to search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Optimized website for both desktop and mobile devices, etc.

Our Agency can boost your website to rank on front page of search engines with our SEO strategy to ensure visibility to the target audience, and provide quality user experience leading to an undeniable Increase of sales – ranging from traffic to quality leads generation and converting them into actual paying customers- this is no brainer.

How do we achieve this?

Simply put- through our SEO major services which include:

On-site SEO

Easy navigation on website depicts a good user’s experience, which is one of the major means of generating organic traffic. Our SEO experts will make your contents accessible by search engines.

Analytics and Activity Reports

We examine your website and run an SEO performance examination as well as record your website’s improvement in terms of traffic and leads generation, top referred keywords and of course the general progress of your search ranking activities.

Keyword Research

Our agency understand that one of the major components of SEO is the target keywords. Our team of professionals will use their SEO expertise to get exact keywords that would rank your website on the first page on search engines.

Competitor Analysis

We monitor your competitors and come up with a better strategy to out-rank them and become more visible to people searching for related products within your niche- in return with an impressive return on investment (ROI)

Link Building

As a crucial part of our SEO strategy, we create quality internal link profile for your website to upgrade your Page Authority and get your website listed on the search engine result pages (SERPs). This position you as an authority for people to reference your website when researching on things related to your services.

search engine optimization

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Our Clients

Here we have enlisted only some of our projects

  • Confirmed
  • Comfortable Sage
  • Property Wire
  • Omaqa
  • FeelynX
  • US African Store