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Enjoy the amazing benefits that comes with partnering with Nigeria's leading digital marketing agency as we ensure our partners receive the highest possible levels of service. It's a strategic relationship that will definitely add value to your organization, solve your marketing problems and grows your business.

We understand the challenges most striving businesses face in Nigeria and we are devoted to helping these businesses successfully eliminate these challenges. The following are reasons to start a partnership with the top Web Design, Digital Marketing agency in Abuja, Nigeria.

The know how of branding

Who can partner with us?

Business Startups, small and medium business, large business and organizations

Reasons to Partner with us

  • Office Space & High Cost Of Equipments

    This is a major issue when it comes to employee engagement as most companies are faced with limited space and office tools. Partnering with Backdesk will help deal with this issue, leveraging the space and resources for equipment for core office activities, effecting to increase business efficiency.

  • Cost of employment

    Outsourcing your digital marketing program will save you as much as half the cost of hiring a full time marketer. Hiring your own digital marketer that is at par with what outsourced agencies can provide would mean hiring someone who is a middle or senior level marketing executive. That would mean paying a commensurate salary plus benefits and spending on other employment related activities – which can all add up to something costly...

  • Save time on learning curve

    You can skip the learning curve required when forming your own in-house digital marketing team.

  • Finally, you are assured of result and a return on investment.

    you are sure your funds will be invested properly, our digital marketing experts will certainly spend time making sure you get the results you paid for, plus more.

  • You get the services of a team of experts

    Your employees have salaries, so instead of coming up with a payroll for one person, you will be paying a team of experts in digital marketing who will research, create and implement marketing strategies that work. Essentially, you are paying for results and way affordable than an employee.

  • Consistency and Available

    One of the keys to successful marketing is consistency. You don’t need to worry about staff being sick or on leave. This means, when you outsource your internet marketing to us, you always have a dedicated team to ensure not just the success but also prompt delivery of your digital marketing objectives.

  • Focus on Your Core Activities

    This Partnership platform plays an important role by allowing your key resources to focus on primary business tasks while Backdesk staff handles the rest as it regards Branding, promoting and other Internet Marketing services

  • Run on your budget.

    Every successful business maps out a monthly, quarterly, yearly budget for their marketing. study also has it that most businesses waste so much money and time on digital marketing out of inexperience. At Backdesk we study our partners goals and objectives, then implement digital marketing strategies that fits their budget.

Your Monthly Deliverables

  • Custom Strategy: Depending on the size of the business, during the first 1-3weeks of an ongoing digital marketing campaign we’ll craft the strategy first. This is important so everyone is on the same page when we start. We do this so you can visualize everything that will be happening, and to also have a “basecamp” location where everything is recorded. All user names, passwords, link locations and notes will be stored on this document and updated each month.
  • Analytics Data and Monthly Reporting: Depending on what we are doing and what we are tracking, our client will also receive ongoing reporting of analytics where it applies. We think it’s important to see how things are progressing. For example, If it is a service centered around traffic building, we’ll provide the numbers each month.
  • A Dedicated Person: Communication will be a very important part of our growing partnership. You will have a dedicated person for all correspondence to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Our digital marketing services

  • Website design
  • Website management: Publish Fresh Content, detect website downtime, Make Regular Backups, Add Visuals (graphic) to Make Pages More Attractive, Fix Dead Links and Errors, Check for broken links etc.
  • Search engine Optimization: drive targeted traffic from search engines (google, Bing)
  • Social media marketing: show your ads to targeted customers across social media platforms (e.g. Facebook ads)
  • Social Media Management: create social media platforms, update audience with engaging contents.
  • Pay Per Click and Google Ads Advertising: show your ads to targeted customers across search engine(google)
  • Email marketing
  • Graphic design: create graphic (logos, visuals updates) across website and social platform to accurately speak your business to your audience.
  • Google analytics configuration and reporting

What We Offer

Backdesk believes that no company is an island but need assistance at some point. We offer our valued business partners a chance to get services at a very reduced rate as we fulfill all the strategic and technological requirements of their businesses without them having to employ internal staff to handle these functions.
Our management team are dedicated to evaluating and enhancing potential partnerships.

How do I become a partner?

We’ve helped agencies, and freelancers with our digital marketing partner program. You can be next. All you have to do is fill out the provided form and wait for your check.

  • Ready To Partner With Backdesk?

    Enjoy the amazing benefits that comes with partnering with Nigeria's leading digital marketing agency as we ensure our partners receive the highest possible levels of service. It's the strategic relationship that adds value to your existing client partnerships and grows your business.
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Our latest designs

We put all our years of design experience into every project.
We’ve hand-picked some awosome designs we think you’ld love. Take a look at some of our latest works.

Our Clients

We have provided custom-made business solutions to clients in various business sectors.
The following are some of our clients:

  • Confirmed
  • Comfortable Sage
  • Property Wire
  • Omaqa
  • FeelynX
  • US African Store
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