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Paid Online Advertising: Get your products or services in front of searching customers

Paid Online advertising, also known as Pay per click, Paid Ads, is a marketing strategy that leverages online channels like Google, social media platforms to deliver promotional marketing messages to targeted consumers.

Considered the most cost-effective and fastest way to reach your target customer, every business: small, medium or large, should consider Online Advertising as a vital part of their marketing strategy for faster customer acquisition and sales.

Looking for a 100% guaranteed return on investment (ROI) for every cash you spend on your paid ads? then you'll want to work with an expert. Backdesk provide the best Online advertising assistance; research, copies, and designs that connect with people emotionally and help increase sales volume.

Start getting more out of the power of Google ads and social media Advertising, today and your business will thank you.

Appropriate online advertising channel for the right business:

We narrow down or combine platforms that work best for your business.


Google Search Ads:

A sure way to gain high visibility and conversion as customers search for keywords related to your services or products on google.


Google Display Ads:

Reaching your target customers intelligently with graphic images of your brand, products or services on Google Display Networks has always been the best for your brand awareness


Social Media Advertising:

Advertising on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram drive more business by reaching undiscovered audience successfully.


Re-targeting Ads:

Increase conversions, sales by reminding your customers of your products and services after they leave your website without buying.

Our online advertising strategy is simple:


Research and Analysis:

Advanced competitors’ analysis, keywords and customer research ensure a high ROI and low cost per acquisition


Design and Deployment:

A Compelling ad copy and a highly optimized landing page design assures an increase in click-through rate and conversion



Continuous campaign monitoring and optimization strategy to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns



No guesswork, notable online paid ads are measurable-with the help of analytics tools, campaign performance is sent on a weekly or monthly.

What makes this online advertising agency thick?:

Strategic Vision

An Agency that is research and data-driven, and with digital marketing tools run competitors and customer analysis that gives us the best insight to achieve anticipated goals.

Skilled Team

A team of highly skilled digital marketers and well-versed with all the major digital marketing trends; graphic design, branding, web design, content marketing, search engine optimization(SEO), online advertising, lead generation and eCommerce.


Our Clients

We have provided custom-made business solutions to clients in various business sectors.
The following are some of our clients:

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Once Upon a House Property Solutions - Logo
Speedwash Laundromat - Logo
Globalmark Capital Consulting Limited - Logo
Skillfaculty - Logo
Nblvibe Entertainment - Logo
FeelynX - logo
CS Automobile - logo
Confirmed NG - logo
Omaqa - logo
Property Wire - logo
UsAfrican Store - logo
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