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Use an Agency to Create, Monitor, and Optimize your
Brand Promotion, Business or Product Advertising.

Advertising Agency Nigeria: Drive traffic that leads to sales

Hire the best advertising agency in Nigeria to create, monitor, and optimize your Facebook ads, Instagram promotion, googleads, twitter ads, and other classified ads.
Backdesk offers you a tested and proven paid ads or sponsored ads services for your business, brand ,services or product's overall awearness-our one goal is to drive targeted traffic that leads to sales.

Advertising plays a crucial part in a company’s success. Even with a good product or service, you may not achieve your business objectives without a proper brand exposure.

Paid Advertising Services We Offer:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM-PPC):Google ads also known as Pay Per Click are seen on the first page, slightly above the “organic” search results of Google.
  • Social media ads: Classified Ads seen displayed on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter : Facebook ads, instagram promotion, LinkedIn ads and twitter ads.

What Makes our Advertising Agency Unique:

  • Ad Copy & Creative: We Create compelling messages and graphics that sell your product or service specifically to your target audience.
  • Data Collection/ Remarketing: Being a full service digital marketing agency, we leverage our expertise in the Integration of remarketing tool(s) to capture the behavior of visitors that have interacted with your business online for retargeting.
  • Manage Ad spending: We are "Return On Investment" focused; we manage your budget to ensure that Ads remain profitable.
  • Report: We have a transparency policy. We analyze, optimize and report on your Ad progress and restrategize where necessary.

Paid Advertising - Backdesk

Our Advertising Strategies is Simple :

  • Campaign Research & Analysis
  • Campaign Design & Deployment
  • Review/Optimization
  • Monitoring & Reporting

Paid advertising is the fastest way to reach your target customer, attain your business goals and grow your business.

Attract more traffic to your Business!

Ready to Increase Your Brand Awareness and Revenue With Online Advertising ?

What You get:
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Landing Page Design (where applicable)
  • Email Automation
  • Lead Magnet Development
  • Monthly/Weekly Report

Our Clients

We have provided custom-made business solutions to clients in various business sectors.
The following are some of our clients:

Speedwash Laundromat - Logo
Globalmark Capital Consulting Limited - Logo
Skillfaculty - Logo
Nblvibe Entertainment - Logo
FeelynX - logo
CS Automobile - logo
Confirmed NG - logo
Omaqa - logo
Property Wire - logo
UsAfrican Store - logo
ED-World Support International - logo
Atlanto Investment & Property - logo