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Website Maintenance Services

Concentrate on your core business, while we help you in maintaining your website.

Web Design and Maintenance Services

Website maintenance services is the act of regularly checking your website for problems,content mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. it is a daily routine to keep your website secured,running smoothly, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your search engine optimizatin(SEO) for Google rankings.
Maintaining your online reputation and managing your brand’s web design can be a daunting task but a must need for your business.
Just like a car,your website needs routine maintenance to operate smoothly, a task you constantly and regularly need to undertake if you must keep your customers' trust and interest.

At Backdesk Innovative Solutions, Leveraging our website maintenance service will help you get access to a dedicated team of web experts to handle your business or ecommerce store online while you focus on your major business tasks as well as help you save money and time. We take full charge of your business' online presence. No worries,our website maintenance services are very affordable and our price are based on the size and complexity of your business website"

We therefore employ the following website maintenance strategies to create a smooth experience for your customers:

  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Content Update,
  • Regular Website Backup,
  • Regular Plugin Update,
  • Broken Link Check/Fix,
  • Regular Mobile Responsive Check,
  • Regular speed check,
  • Domain Name & Hosting Renewal,
  • Quick Response to Downtime,
  • Technical Support,
  • Search Engine Optimization Update
  • Website Security,
  • Website Overall Functionality,
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