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Your brand is defined by a customer’s impression of your business.

Our goal as the best digital branding company is to offer your new business a unique and consistent brand identity across all platforms over the internet.

Inclusive in the package, our brand marketing is designed to help your brand gain valued attention, attract 1000s of qualified traffic that converts to paying customers in a space of 1 to 3 months.

Backdesk full packaged digital branding service is specifically designed for business startups or existing businesses with little or no online presence that requires brand positioning that will guarantee long-term gains for their business or personal brand.

We’re the fastest way to create your brand identity and onnect with your audience.

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Backdesk Digital Branding process

Our Proven Way to Building a Powerful Brand identity & Awareness.

Branding - Backdesk

Research & Analysis

The brief explanation of your business mission, vision, values and couple with the analysis we made on your competitors, will be used to establish strategies to different you from others, give a unique brand identity, brand voice and also define your target audience.



Your brand designs are actualized as your brand is given a unique and consistent identity over the internet. Here a unique logo, professional website, and social channels are created, strategically Maintaining a consistent messaging in a cohesive voice that will help your brand image become recognized.


Brand Marketing & Awareness:

Once your branding channels are ready, we introduce your business or services to your researched target customers by attracting 1000s qualified traffic to your website through SEO, paid advertising, blogging, etc.



One of the benefits of digital marketing is data can be measured, I.e. from traffic, engagement and conversion. Performance Report will be sent you on a weekly or monthly bases depending on the digital branding plan you choose.

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Start My Business Branding

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