Concierge services for Nigerians in the diaspora

We pride ourselves on a speedy turnaround time and professionalism for all our concierge services.

What We Offer

Backdesk Innovative Solutions provides a range of concierge/errand services for Nigerians in the diaspora. We pride ourselves on a speedy turnaround time and professionalism for all your errands.

Sending money to friends and relatives for execution of certain tasks sometimes does not work as planned. Stop worrying about your money being spent on other things. Save your cash, we’ll handle the rest.

We serve as a point of contact between our clients in the diaspora (USA, Europe and other African Countries) and their Nigerian projects. Our privacy policies ensure your private business remain private, we will handle your errands without everyone knowing your business.

Do you require third party assessment of your various projects like building and business in Nigeria?

We can supervise or handle your projects and businesses from business registration to execution while you are anywhere else in the world.

Do you want to deliver special messages to your love ones here in Nigeria on their special occasions like birthday?

We will assist buy and send that special birthday cake on your behalf. We can even visit ‘Mama and Papa’ in the village and give you first-hand information on their health status.

Do you want to purchase land or properties in Nigeria?

We assist in getting any property of choice within your budget in Abuja, Lagos, Owerri, Enugu, Anambra, others. We also ensure that the property is not encumbered and also provide professionals for your building projects.

Do you want independent verification of price of any item here in Nigeria?

We will make sure you get the best price and quality for your purchase.

Our concierge services are beneficial as they allow our clients:

  • Reduce time wasted on travel
  • Save on traveling cost
  • Save money on projects
  • Still achieve your goals within a stipulated timeframe

Our Charges are affordable

Consierge for Diaspora

Let's run your errands in Nigeria with efficiency while you are abroad