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“Google ads” is a platform by Google that allows businesses to advertise their websites, their products, and their services on Google search engine results pages using keywords.

Google adverts allow you to generate more leads and revenue. It also allows you to sell your products and drive traffic to your website.

Let’s move over to 3 Important reasons why you should use google ads.


 1. Google ads allow you to target the right audience.

target audienceGoogle adverts allow the use of keywords to target your audience. When you bid for a certain keyword, your advert will be shown to individuals who search for that particular keyword on google.

With Google Adverts, you can target your audience in the following ways:

  • Keywords: You can target your audience by displaying your ad to the audience who searched for the keyword you are bidding for.
  • Target your audience based on their information. Google adverts allow you target audience in a particular location, language and so much more.

Google advertising allows you to target your audience using certain unique options.


2. Additionally, Google ads allow you to measure the performance of your advert.

analyticsWith traditional adverts like newspapers, it is quite hard to know how well your advert is performing. They are quite costly and they do not allow you to know how well your advert is going, till it starts generating leads.

On the contrary, google adverts are cheaper than traditional ads. Asides that, they help you know how well your advert is performing by helping you know the following:

  • The number of leads your advert generated.
  • Who clicked on your ad.
  • Who purchased your product or downloaded your mobile app.
  • The traffic to your website as a result of the advert.
  • The cost you pay per lead, and so much more.

Knowing all of this about your advert will help you know how to improve on your next advert to get awesome results.

Google ads allows you control your advert and even your budget.


3. Furthermore, google ads allow you to manage your campaign properly.

Google ads allow you manage and monitor your adverts.

advert performanceWith the analytics received from google adverts, you can find out what works for your advert. Using that information, you can restructure your ad and thereby improve the results of your ad.

Google also allows you to edit your campaign and edit your account offline with the use of Google Ads Editor. Google Ads editor allows you to view and manage your Google Ads account in one place.

Google Adverts also allows you to manage your budget. The platform makes it possible to fix your daily maximum budget. Furthermore, it allows you to decide when to begin and stop running your advert.

So should you use Google advertising for your products and services? You already know the answer now…


Google adverts are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Google adverts allow your business to reach the right audience, in the right place, and at the right time.

Furthermore, it allows you to measure how well your ad is performing and manage it properly. With all this in place, you can increase your brand awareness, and even generate more leads.

“Google adverts” are great for marketing and generating traffic for sales

So what’s the next step to take? 

Get started with google ads with the assistance of our digital marketing experts now!

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Peace Ola is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Backdesk Innovative Solutions. She is experienced in creating, optimizing, and promoting engaging content that drives sales and increases revenue.

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