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Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page in 2018.

In this post, I will walk you through top 6 reasons why your business needs a Facebook page in 2018.

Now, with the ever-evolving battle-of-brands, your business needs a Facebook page for multiple reasons – this is no-brainer.

Facebook is huge!  I’m sure you already know that – right? What you don’t know is how much Facebook marketing has grown in the last few years. It might interest you to know that social media in general has become even more popular than the internet itself, especially for businesses. (Isn’t that funny?)

Here are several reasons why social media will impact your business positively

Sure, everyone talks about the social media and not the Internet. Don’t get it wrong (Internet remains the best evolution mankind have witnessed so far).

Let’s quickly look at some obvious facts and figures about Facebook.

2015 Facebook report reveals that Nigeria has:

  •          7.1 million Daily Active Users (DAUs)
  •          6.9 million mobile Daily Active Users
  •          15 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

Let’s do this together. If these figures were obtainable in 2015, how much percentage increase  do you think has been made in the last two years? This prompts me to posit that “in this digital era, any business without a Facebook page is likely to be far behind its competitors.”

It’s important you know that businesses within your niche have keyed into this trend and are enjoying the huge benefits already. Why? Because Facebook Business Page works.

So what are you waiting for?

You don’t have to be tech savvy like me to set up a Facebook page for your business. And it doesn’t cost you anything to create a Facebook business page unless you require the services of Social Media experts to create and manage it for you proficiently while you focus on your core business activities.

Without much ado, here are top 6 reasons why your business should have a Facebook page:

#1. It places you on the same level as (or even above) your competitors:

Facebook business page

One major ill about not having a Facebook page is that businesses within your niche will be ahead of you in terms of Brand Recognition, Traffic and Lead Generation, Interaction with customers and many more. As long as you don’t have a working business page running on Facebook, you’re missing out big time. However, having a Facebook business page will place you on same level or even above your competitors.

#2. It boosts brand visibility & awareness:

Facebook business page

Being one of the top social media players, Facebook is highly effective in terms of distributing and sharing of posts. This helps in providing your audience (fans and followers) with quality content. Every business ought to set an agenda for its users. With this, your brand’s loyalists can read, view or watch your content, have something to talk about and eventually share among their friends resulting to more audience engagement. When this happens, more people will continue to learn and know more about your products and services.

#3. Facebook page keeps your followers updated:

Facebook business page

A short note on your status can inform thousands of followers about your products and services, in terms of product availability, new services, promotions, etc. If you don’t inform your fans about your business activities, they will remain unaware and end up on your competitors’ page.

Not only will a Facebook business page keep your brand devotees informed, it will also boost customer loyalty and build trust.

#4. It is mobile-friendly:

With the world facing fast and steady technical advancement, mobile devices have gained access to virtually everything one can do with a desktop. There are over 6.9 million daily active users on Facebook in Nigeria.

Facebook business page

In other words, there’s a chance of having thousands of these users accessing your Facebook page through cell phones or tabs anywhere and at any time because of the portability and mobility they gain from their mobile devices.

#5. Facebook Page breeds quality connection:

Access to various apps and news-feeds has made it possible for Facebook to give you exact tools to reach out and connect to its large user-base. Your business, through these apps, will generate quality connections in no time.

#6. Facebook business page provides better Customer Support:

It provides customers with good User Experience (UX).

How? LiveChat! Facebook is responsive to client with complaints. Days are gone when customers have the strength to fill the time-consuming complaint form and wait hours on busy phone lines for customer service agents.

Facebook can connect your business with your customers immediately. All you need is to get some customer service officers and give exceptional customer service through Facebook. Simple!


Don’t wait until all your competitors have gone ahead of you before you virtually set up your Facebook business page. Do it now and be a part of the many Facebook success stories.  Don’t forget: “a stitch in time saves nine”. So, no matter how you look at it, social media marketing in general works.


Now over to you, since you’ve seen the top reasons why your business needs a Facebook page, it’s time to set up yours. Still finding it difficult to set up?  Let’s help you.


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