LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. Additionally, it is a platform used by businesses to increase their visibility and to generate sales.

What are LinkedIn or Social Selling tools?

Social selling tools are tools used by businesses to target their prospects. In the same vein, tools target the right audience and thereby, increase sales for businesses.

The top 5 social selling tools useful in growing business sales include:

1. Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is an effective tool in boosting sales. This tool provides lead support to businesses to assist them to locate their audience easily.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The aforementioned tool provides a list of sales leads related to business. Furthermore, it allows businesses to unlock the full profile of LinkedIn professionals. This is to enable them to get more information about them. Additionally, it permits businesses to contact sales prospects via InMail Feature.

LinkedIn sales Navigator provides relevant information about potential audience.

2. LinkedIn Small Business

The LinkedIn Small Business tool is the way LinkedIn assists small businesses to grow. The tool provides an opportunity for small businesses to connect with professionals.

LinkedIn for small business

Furthermore, the tool helps businesses create their brand presence online. It also helps them connect with their potential clients and further engage them using content marketing.

3. Lempod

Lempod is a tool used to increase engagement. “Pod” refers to a group of people who are liking & commenting on each other’s posts. And with Lempod, after businesses upload, members of the pod they belong to automatically likes and comments on their posts. So, this assists them to increase the engagements on their posts.


4. allows you to see individuals’ profiles on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. can be used by businesses to get relevant information about their target audience. It combines the data from people’s Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles. It gives more information about a person than what is on their LinkedIn profile.


5. Crystal

Crystal is known as a personality platform. This platform reviews profiles and provides insights into social personalities/profiles. This also provides insight on how best to approach individuals, via emails or messages.


This tool helps businesses to connect with the right audience and it teaches them how to engage with them.



LinkedIn is a good platform for generating sales. Utilizing the tools above, you can develop new contacts, building relationships, and increase your sales. All of these will also assist your business to get ahead of your competitors.

In Conclusion, to grow your business and increase sales on LinkedIn, you need the tools listed above.

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