Perhaps, you must have seen certain businesses who are doing remarkably well without a website…I have also seen.

Sometimes, I just can’t help but wonder how much more revenue such businesses could generate if they had a website.

Talking about “websites,” I am not referring to old-looking, e-brochure some less skilled, so-called “Web Designers” hand out at ridiculously cheap prices; I am talking about authentic, well-thought-out professional-looking sites that are designed to inform, engage and convert targeted audience and general users on the internet to actual paying customers.

A Website remains the foundation of online marketing for businesses.

The truth, most people business owners see social media marketing as the only internet marketing tool applicable to the growth of a business on the internet.

Well, that’s far from the truth.

Social media marketing is only but one of many digital marketing strategies which include SEO, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email marketing and other internet marketing services.

You cannot practice some of these strategies if you don’t have a website, that’s why website remains an integral part of business growth.

In this post, I have highlighted the top 5 benefits you stand to gain when you leverage the power of a website to grow your business, which includes:

#1. A website helps present your products and services to your audience

website-present-your-products- and-services Eze Erondu best blogger Nigeria

Every start-up company knows that exposure is very crucial to the success and growth of their business.

Without publicity, exposure, awareness, or whatever name you chose to call it, your target audience and other stakeholders, such as potential investors and customers, may never know about your service, new product, or how your approach to problem-solving is significantly different from others.

Having a website (a standard website I mean) will get your brand connected to those who in one way or the other has an interest in what your brand offer.

Many companies invest so many resources, creating and distributing their marketing materials like flyers, brochures, etc. simply because their budget covers all those expenses yet they own a website.

Now, as a Start-up, you have limited capital to finance such project such as quality flyers or brochures or even the manpower to have those flyers distributed among suspected prospects.


Do you know the most stress-free and affordable way this complicated printing and distributing project could be by-passed is to upload your designed publicity materials like flyers and brochure to your website which even gives you a much wider reach?

Better still, you could even create a mini-website, which serves as a one-page product or service showcase.

Having a website leaves you with unlimited customization options and a long list of content layouts. It’s yours to enjoy.

For instance, online presentations can include short video clips and audio recordings, while the printed flyers/brochures are limited to images, graphics and texts.

Get a standard and affordable website today.

#2. A website keeps your customers well informed

website-keeps-your-customers-well-informed- tips by Eze Erondu - best ecommerce designer Nigeria

You’ll agree with me that technology (the internet) is the best evolution mankind has ever witnessed.

This isn’t debatable unless you have your reservations. Please feel free to share in the comment section.

A Website is the most popular and effective integrated marketing communication tool for businesses today.

It serves as a sure platform through which business owners can inform their educate leads, customers and the general audience about old/ new products/services, features, contacts, prices and discounts.

We can take a look at some E-Commerce websites like FeelynXJumia, US African Store and Konga which have attractive and informative product pages that display more information about each product.

They usually contain detailed imagery, prices, added details and sometimes, reviews. Some product pages also contain the links to the product manufacturer’s website, which help visitors find more details about the production process.


#3.  It helps sell your products

website-sell-your-products blog post by Eze Erondu - Content Marketer Nigeria

Manufacturing and retail businesses need to leverage the power of a website to penetrate the dynamic and extremely profitable but highly competitive market.

E-commerce is one of the known fastest growing digital niches.

Online stores make it easier for small businesses to overcome the problems that accompany distance gaps and offer their products to both the local and international markets.

Online stores considerably cut costs that relate to staff employment and rent which in turn allows business owners to reinvest the money they’ve saved.

There are over a hundred, if not thousands of small retail businesses that are being run from home, not leaving out production companies that exclusively use the eCommerce model for selling their products.

The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress has made it easy for website designers to create and setup flawless online stores.

Shopify and Volusion are easier-to-use all-in-one CMS commercial solutions for eCommerce newbies who find this WordPress too challenging.

These are various platforms that enable webmasters to upload product information, set prices, make transactions as it regards sales and communicates with website visitors.


#4. Website enhances content marketing strategies

website-enhances-content-marketing-strategies - Eze Erondu - Content writer Abuja

Content marketing is very important to many successful branding strategies.

Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.” ~ Julie Fleischer, VP Marketing, Neustar

Judging from what Julie Fleischer posited, with content marketing you will make more profit with this marketing strategy compared to traditional marketing expenditure.

Relevant and quality content on the company’s website and social media timeline promotes the domain and improves the website’s SEO.

To leverage this benefits, you must have a website.

Read some factors you must consider before hiring a web designer.

Insightful contents can also be used for social media marketing and also to initiate connections with similar business websites, by building and sharing links.

Make a decision today and compete for brand credibility, don’t sit tight while your competitors are already making huge returns from this.

Get a website for your business and enjoy content marketing benefits.


#5. helps attract leads and paying customers



E-commerce Websites are the best-known platforms for lead generation.

Most website owners take extra steps to collect visitors’ emails by offering several promotional packages in return for sign-up and subscriptions.

These special offers include gift vouchers, free eBooks, free software, newsletters or several other incentives.

These email contact lists serve as a foundation for email marketing strategies and effective way of getting leads to your business.

Learn 6 strategies for getting leads to your business.

Several tools are available to help you launch successful campaigns. Examples of these tools are: MailChimp or Campaign Monitor

To learn more, read up this article on Why You Should Get a Website For Your Business.

For some business owners/starters, diversifying isn’t an option. It’s an obligation to survive the dynamic business world.

I suppose that’s part of the excitement.

But here’s the catch –

It can also be an overwhelming experience.

The total number of fragments that need to be moved to scale a business is overbearing for many business starters.

It’s vital that you at least know what the procedure involves. This way, you won’t put your current set-up at risk.

Luckily, I’ve covered the most important details in this post.


If you’ve decided to move into a new market, I suggest you use these strategies and be sure to be on your way to becoming a top player in whatever space that you decide to dwell.

Ready to opt for a website within your budget?

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Eze Erondu is a Web Designer & Digital Marketing Manager for Backdesk. He is passionate about promoting the visual representations of Businesses in Nigeria; helping them attract more customers and grow revenue. As a prolific forger of impressive Brand Identities, Eze Erondu is also popular for his exceptional skills in Graphic Design and Web Design, helping businesses win through Digital Communications.


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