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Lead generation is a product of inbound marketing.

The following are a list of some of the top, most effective and actionable lead generation and conversion tips I personally organized and recommend for small businesses:

#1: Pay attention to Quality Leads rather than Quantity

quality lead-Digital Marketing-Eze Erondu

Convertible Leads (prospects who are willing, able and most likely to actually become paying customers) are more important in Digital Marketing. Getting a few email addresses or phone numbers is easy.

The following are two very important tips necessary to certify you’re only targeting the best value prospects.

Reexamine Your Buyer Personas:

Your inbound marketing efforts are embedded in your knowledge of your best, most likely buyer personas.

So what happens if your personas are inaccurate, or have changed since you created them? Buyer personas should be revisited and if necessary revised regularly, at least once per year.

Review Your Buyers’ Journey:

The fundamental phases of most buyer’s trip are similar: Awareness, Consideration and Decision. Since your buyer’s journeys are the basis of your content and targeting strategy, take some time to revisit them the same as your personas themselves.

#2: Periodically Re-Optimize All Your Landing Pages

reoptimize landing pages-Top 4 digital Marketing tips lead conversion in Nigeria-by Eze Erondu

We all are aware of the importance of landing page optimization. Mistakes that most marketers do is in presume it’s a step to be finalized once or twice instead of a repeated process.

There are a series of features in any landing page, from alignment and pictures to design and call-to-action location.

Even the smallest tweaks to a landing page can initiate and boost conversion rates significantly. This gives you more leads and compel your lead to make a buying decision as quick as possible.

I recommend you take one more look at your landing pages and strategize a another experiment session.

Note that you need to continually strive towards a goal, not unsystematically trying to advance.

#3: Leverage the power of Re-target Marketing


Re-target marketing is likened to lead prospect development.

Where lead development tends to convert leads into becoming customers over time, re-target marketing revisits prospects to encourage them to become leads.

This is achieved when website’s visitors are being tracked and relevant ads are being delivered to them on other sites based on where and how they interacted with your content. 

A highly effective tool for Re-target Marketing is Facebook.

Now, as part of your inbound strategy, i strongly recommend you re-target your previous web visitors who have loved and appreciated your content.

#4: Offer Real-Time Engagements


Developments in artificial intelligence makes it easy for business owners to host custom chatbots on their websites, engaging visitors in real time to generate conversion and get user data.

There are various online platforms that can offer such service for free:

a.       Tawk

b.      Livechat



Helping small and struggling businesses grow has always been my aim. The question is – will yours be the next business to take the greatest leap?

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Eze Erondu is a Web Designer & Digital Marketing Manager for Backdesk. He is passionate about promoting the visual representations of Businesses in Nigeria; helping them attract more customers and grow revenue. As a prolific forger of impressive Brand Identities, Eze Erondu is also popular for his exceptional skills in Graphic Design and Web Design, helping businesses win through Digital Communications.

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