Things You Must Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer-kingsley Mbadugha

At Backdesk “We don’t just design websites, we create websites that SELL YOUR BRAND”

In today’s business world, building a new website or re-designing an old website can be a lot of work. This, however, depends on the nature and amount of content you want to put up on the website.

The future of your business could depend on your website or your website might be your business, either way.

So when hiring a web design/development agency in Nigeria, consider all your options and remember it’s not all about up-front cost.

A web design/development company in Nigeria that does your website project right might be expensive now, but a web designer that takes shortcuts might seem cheap but on the long run, it will cost you more especially for business websites that require more features and content on the website.

 According to Mohamed Saad “Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business”.

In other words, your website, also known as your online storefront or salesman is exactly how you present your business to your target audience.

So you want the best website possible that can translate your business/company aims and objectives for perfect user’s engagement.

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, he said, “All Animals are equal but some are more equal than others”

This is where expertise and ‘technical know-how’ come to play. The question is, how do you get the best web design agency or regular web developer to give you the best website that can sell your brand?

Read on and you’ll find out what to look out for when searching for a website designer for your new business website.

Here are the 5 major factors you must consider before hiring the service of a web design agency for your business/industry In Nigeria.

#1. What are your website Goals and Priorities?

Before you engage a web design agency or regular web developer as the case may be, first ask yourself this: ‘will my website sell my products or services that I offer, or will it exist only to provide information?

Every website has its goals and objectives, this is where most web designers get it all wrong.

A regular web designer who doesn’t know the difference between an e-commerce website from a personal website or business website will definitely design trash and present.  The bad thing is that, because you may be naïve about web design, so to you, anything goes, after all, you have a website.

No! You don’t just create a business website just because every other business has. Your website must have the vision to promote your brand.

A web design agency that knows its onus about web design & development should be able to translate your ideas to fit the kind of business or service you offer in other for you to achieve your business goals through the website.

At Backdesk Innovative Solutions, the first question we ask our client is “what kind of business are you into” what are the objectives of your organization’, etc, with these few information, we already knew what you need and the best website features to fit into your business.

“Tell us what you do and leave the rest to us”

How do you confirm this? Through our conversation, we tell you the features that can help you achieve your goals or if you have a sample of what you want, we can modify it because technology changes every now and then, what works last month may not work this month.

On the contrary, shortcut web designers may not go through this hurdle to educate you about all this because most web designers don’t really know about it, that’s why we have much business redesign their website after few months.

Some do not even know why their website isn’t selling their product.



web design


#2. View the Designer’s website and see what it looks like

Every woman claims to cook well until you taste the food. In the same vein, every web designer claims to be expert but first, have a look on their website and that of their client before you consider striking a deal with the agency or web designer (Freelancer).

A thorough background check on the web design company you want to hire for your business website design will give insight on what to expect. Perhaps, you don’t know what a responsive and user- friendly website looks like, but am very sure you know when something is appealing to you or not.

A Responsive Web design aimed at creating websites to provide a best or most favorable viewing experience —easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices ranging from mobile phones to desktop computer.

Statistics recorded that over 100 million Nigerians surf the internet through their mobile devices. Now if your website is not responsive, you will suffer a great loss in the long run.

#3. Do well to consider your Budget

The truth is, creating a new website can be likened to building a house: it usually costs more than you expect or less on a rare case unless it’s one of those websites that would eventually need a redesign on the long run.

Hey! Don’t panic; just hold on to your budget and be ready to make a little adjustment if need be.

An estimation for a standard business website will cost nothing less than N50,000 but today we find people creating a website as low as N15,000.

Quite funny but what kind of website do you expect to get at such amount?

Most times, “What you spent, is what you get”

Most of the business that opted for redesign at Backdesk Innovative Solutions has similar issues because they wanted a website without considering what they want to achieve with the website.

However, cheap price doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a low-quality website design but trust me you can never get a “wao website” at a cheap cost.

When you pay so little to a web designer, he needs to make gain so definitely he will find a way of doing that considering money spent on a domain name and hosting.

In most cases, such designers host your website on a low-quality platform that may cause you to spend more later.

If you ask me, I would prefer to spend more and get something perfect than otherwise.

Don’t forget that a website is not like clothes, so you can’t be changing website every now and then.

#4. Consider an expected completion time.

This is yet another important factor you must consider before you make a financial commitment to your web designer. After you ‘ve done your background check as stated in number two of this piece and some other thing, ask the expected completion time from your web designer.

You should have a target when you want your website to be up and running.

An estimation duration for a business website is 2 weeks while that of E-commerce is  3 weeks to 1 month simply because of the listing involve.

Every business needs an online presence (website) as soon as possible for it to tap from the huge benefits it offers to its users. Therefore, it is vital to have an estimated deadline to complete the website project work.

Besides,  when a timeline is given to a web developer, they know the set time to deliver the work.

#5. Customer Relations (Will they be responsive when you have a problem?)

Most web designers especially freelancers don’t have an office. So ask yourself, if you encounter any form of challenges in the future, will I able to reach out and contact my web designer?

And if so, how much time will it take?

Besides, a website is not a one-time thing, it a continuous process that requires the attention in terms of update and maintenance. When such need arises, will you be able to contact your web designer?

A web design agency got you covered especially when your website has some issues or need some maintenance and update. I cannot debate whether or not it’s better to have a web design agency to work on your business website other than a contracted web designer or freelance – weigh your options and know what works best for you.

But if you ask me, I would recommend a competent web design agency anytime!

However, you should consider all these long before any financial commitment is made to the potential web design company/freelancer.

Most people make payment without proper consideration, don’t fall into that category.

Final thought,

Backdesk Innovative Solutions pride itself on a speedy turnaround to creating quality websites that can translate your business in other to achieve the desired objectives. We are proficient in web design and development.

You can visit some of our web design projects to see for yourself. The good thing is that we can give you more of whatever you see on the website below.

Contact us let’s give you the best web design experience ever!!!

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