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The world is experiencing an upsurge of real estate agencies like never before. Most agents are looking for how to build a real estate brand

The competition is quite high and one mistake that most companies are striving to get the attention of the same set of people!

Maybe it is because of an increase in the need for permanent housing solutions or the love for investment, one really cannot point to a particular reason to properly justify this evolution.

With most real estate agencies saying the same thing, it is hard to decipher which is authentic and which will give you true value for your money.

Many individuals have fallen victim to fake “real estate companies”.

Because these companies put on quite a show!

Why? you may ask…

I’ll say, “Why not”?

I mean, when the “REAL” real estate companies are failing at properly representing their brand, the fake ones will have to get all their leads and clients right under their nose.

Hence the reason we came up with a step-by-step process of how branding can benefit real estate companies.

It’s never too late to put a real estate branding strategy and plan into play. But, some real estate agents say:

“I’m not selling Coca-cola,” so what can I expect as benefits from learning how to build a real estate brand.

Truth is, you don’t have to be Coca-cola, as you’re not selling in a worldwide marketplace.

All you need to be is the “King” of your local real estate market.

Most people are wary when it comes to investing their hard-earned money in real estate.

I wouldn’t blame them for this. Real estate is expensive and losing a ton of money has grievous consequences.

How then do you stand out, get leads, make sales and eliminate competitors?


1. Real Estate Branding Logobranding for real estate companies

If you ask a good graphic designer what certain logos represents, they will be able to tell you how every stroke, alignment and illustration matter.

A brand logo represents your company and as such should communicate what the business is about.

At the same time, it should stand out uniquely. So that your potential customers/leads will identify this logo with your brand.

A good logo communicates your business in your absence.

You just have to leave the work to a good graphics designer.

Makes sense? bet it does.

It may be tempting to design a logo all by yourself but the honest truth is, don’t do it.

Hiring a professional designer will save you time, money and the results will be worth it.

Designing it yourself or purchasing a pre-made logo may not be the best option if you’re looking to take your brand to the next level.

A creative, designer-quality logo will help guide the vision of your brand.


2. Get a Real Estate Websitebranding for real estate businesses

Today, one can rightly say that a website is the backbone bone of every business, Real Estates inclusive.

With the digital revolution, your website is one of your biggest assets and can either make or break a business.

In fact, a website is must-have every real estate agency.

Now, why do you need a website?

“A website to businesses in this 21st century can be likened to the value of the nucleus to a living biological cell.

It plays a vital role in promoting and projecting your business.

There are so many reasons why a website is very important for your business.

Only a professional website developer should be assigned this task because a great website has the power to attract you the right clients.

A website represents your business online and speaks volume about your company in your absence. Something that screams authenticity and credibility, even prestige.

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3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Seo for real estate businesses

The benefits of SEO to Real Estate Companies in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized.

For start-ups, SEO will assist you in creating a better, faster and more user-friendly website.

Simply put,

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are techniques that ensure a website is been found in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) for keywords, services, and phrases relevant to what the website is offering to its users.

Presumably, by now, most entrepreneurs and marketers know and understand perfectly well that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of real estate branding marketing strategy for driving organic traffic to websites.


It allows your business to appear on the front page of search engines when potential customers look for your real estate services online.

Leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) would help you rank your website for relevant keywords and generate targeted traffic and leads.

One major goal of every website is to drive traffic, generate leads and convert the leads into paying customers to businesses.

To achieve this through your website, you must be on the front page of search engines.

You might have a nice website with a good outlook, but if your website and its contents are not well optimized for good user experience (both mobile and desktop users), it will rather be almost impossible to drive traffic to your website as you would have expected.

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Nowadays, the major problem is; the competition among the real estate industry in Nigeria is just so intense that having an online presence is just not enough.

As a company looking for how to build a real estate brand, you need to do extra work in order to ensure that your website is visible on Google and other search engines.

To achieve that, SEO is your best shot.


4. Social Media Marketingsocial media marketing for real estate

Real estate branding cannot be complete without a social media presence.

Ensure you have social media accounts present in all the big social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, including Instagram).

Social media is the new marketing oil for businesses. It is an effective tool for your brand strategy.

You will have to identify the social media platforms suitable for your business.

If you don’t have any, consider creating the platforms relevant to your business and most importantly, be active and interact with users, share good content, and promote your properties through these social networks.

Choose your social media platform(s) based on where your audience spends their time the most.

You will have to work on growing a following of genuine people for your real estate company. The more you show up, the more likely you’ll get noticed.


5. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisingpaid ads

Pay Per Click online advertising (Google Ads) has a swift impact and provides your brand with high exposure to a diverse target audience as a result of a high rank in google search engine results.

This gives you an advantage over others (your competitors) as it captures the right audience at the right time.

If you’re running a business and you are not investing in paid Ads, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Want to know how to run the best converting paid Ads, you should contact a digital agency with the right experience that can help you out.

Use this strategy to get more visibility on Google which is where people mostly rely on, for information nowadays.


6. Leverage Content Marketing content marketing

This is yet another guaranteed way of creating massive awareness and drive organic traffic to your real estate website.

Content marketing remains one of the promising services in digital marketing that can help boost your industry as well as generate leads. In other words, since you have already integrated a blog on your website, create more engaging content for your audience.

You can also create a visual tour (Videos) about your finished project for people to see the quality service you provide. This is how to build a real estate brand, the right way.

Note: This document should be handed over to your in house-team to implement these aforementioned digital marketing strategies which I strongly believe would yield a positive result for your Industry, OR you could contact a professional digital agency to help you implement these strategies.


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