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Do non profit organizations benefit from social media in any way?

Social media has supported lots of businesses and nonprofits in generating leads. Furthermore, using social media, nonprofits can create awareness of their campaigns. Additionally, they can share relevant information and build relationships. These are just some of the benefits of social media to nonprofits.

The 3 main benefits of social media to nonprofits include:

1. Social media Allows Non-Profit Organizations to Connect With Their Community.

social media communityIt’s important to keep your community up to date with your activities and constantly engage with them. And social media makes it possible for non-profits to engage with its community of supporters, volunteers, and the likes.

By communicating with their community, non-profits can create awareness of their brand.

Social Media allows non profits connect with their audience and thereby gain more audience.

2. Secondly, Social Media Empowers Nonprofits to Attract New Donors.

donations Adopting social media, Nonprofits can constantly make posts about their organization’s fundraising campaigns and raise fundraisers.

Through paid advertisements on social media, non-profits are opportune to reach individuals who are interested in the campaign.

Additionally, they can add links to the advertisements and ask interested individuals to fill forms with their data. This action enables nonprofits to have the contact information of their target audience.

Social media allows you get direct donations for your campaigns.

3. Lastly, Social Media Allows Non-Profit Organizations to Increase the Visibility of their Content and Activities.

visibilityWith social media, non-profits can make their activities visible to the public. Certain tools on social media like:

Additionally, to make your social media contents visible, you should;

  • Optimize your social media profiles.
  • Make Your Social Media Icons Easily Visible on Your Site.
  • Utilize Social Media Icons in your Email Signatures.
  • And, Include your social media handles on your business cards.


Social media presents nonprofit organizations with an opportunity to share relevant information and get support from the right audience.

Nonprofits can also create brand awareness with the posts they make and thereby get more donors. Managing social media accounts is one of the reasons why some nonprofits don’t have a social media presence online.

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