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Facebook Business Page makes it easier for individuals to learn about your Business and interact with your brand online.

Creating a Facebook business page is quite simple. You just need photos of your business and some other information.

So, let’s go over the steps on how to create a page for your business together;

STEP 1: Fill the Basic Information Needed to Create your Facebook Business Page.

To get started, visit the URL; https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/

Secondly, you’ll see a page that looks like the image below and requests for your business information.

facebook business page

The information required at this point are your;

  • Business Name.
  • Category.
  • and a Description.

After that, click on Create Page.

STEP 2: Add your Profile Picture and Cover Photo.

To complete your profile, add your profile picture and cover photo. It’s advisable to use your logo as your profile photo. This helps individuals identify your business and differentiate it from your competitors with a similar name.

Add your profile photo and cover photo, next, click on save.

pictures of your business

STEP 3: Add your Business details.

Aside from your profile photo and cover photo, there are other valuable details to add on your Facebook business page.

To do that, click on Edit Page Info at the left-hand side of your page and edit your information. Some of the relevant information to include on your business page are;

  • Business name, username, and description.
  • Your business category, and your contact details.
  • Additionally, you should include your address, city, and postcode.
  • Lastly, your service area,  your opening hours, your privacy policy, products, and other information.

Don’t forget to save this information after filling the form. Let’s go on!

facebook business page details

STEP 4: Add a Call to Action on your Facebook Business Page.

The call to action button can be found at the bottom right of the image.

Call to actions include;

  • Follow.
  • View gift card.
  • Order food.
  • Book now.
  • Call now.
  • Contact us.
  • Send messages, and so much more.

Either of these can be picked based on your business type and the action businesses want their customers to take.

facebook business page setup

STEP 5: Publish Your First Post on Your Facebook Business Page.

With all of these, you’re good to go. There’s just one more thing left!

Publish a post! 

To publish a post, you need an image and content. After adding these, then you can publish the post.

These posts will be visible to individuals who liked your page and who visit your page.



And you’re done!

Creating a Facebook business page is not a hard task. Most people find it hard to create profile pictures or logos. Additionally, aside from creating images for their businesses, individuals find it hard to manage their business page with relevant information.

All of these can be managed! Yeap! 

Wouldn’t you feel better if your Facebook business page is handled by professionals

We’re sure you would!  Contact us to get started!

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