Content marketing provides customers needs by developing creative, quality, relevant, compelling, impactful and optimized content. These contents, not only does it drive traffic to your website/business, it engages and converts leads into actual paying customers.

In today’s business and competitive market world, small and large brands in Nigeria are constantly making endless efforts to meet up with the changes (digital marketing) that are taking over the familiar tactics used by businesses to communicate with potential customers and convey their messages in the most effective possible ways.

Content marketing has become the heart of marketing in today’s fast-paced digital world. It is the heart of digital marketing.

How? Good question.

Now, can you think of any internet marketing strategies that do not need content? The success of social media marketing, Search engine optimization,  email marketing, PPC, amongst, all of these needs content.

Indeed, content is KING!

When it comes to building brand awareness, engagement and connecting with your target audience, building trust and showcasing your authority, content marketing has proven to be one of the trusted digital marketing strategies that can help businesses grow.

In fact, “content marketing has become an almost universal tactic with around 90 per cent of companies harnessing its power in 2016, and even more planning to up their efforts in 2017.” – Anthony Carranza, B2C.

What then is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a fast-rising, strategic marketing approach which involves the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable and consistent online content to attract, engage and convert a specific target audience, with the main objective of convincing them (customer) to make a buying decision and for Content Marketing to be relevant and effective, it must address the problems of a business’ target audience.

It is the perfect deliverable for creatively displaying any message about your products or services. Be it texts, images or videos, content marketing is a vital part of every brand’s digital marketing strategy and must be performed for businesses to achieve certain corporate objectives.

Without much ado, here are the top 6 reasons why businesses should leverage content marketing as one of the major marketing strategies in order to brand their business.

1. Lead Generation

Producing and effectively distributing relevant content will most probably lead to potential customers subscribing to platforms that will lead them to your business, either out of interest in the product or services you offer, or just to gain access to more of your content (which, of course, keeps them informed on updates relating to your business).

As a business owner, lead generation should be your priority.

Once leads have been generated, converting them into actual paying customers becomes an easier step to reach. Content marketing is one of the major ways of generating leads to your business.

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2. Build brand and Reputation

Content (quality content) is one sure way you can leverage to build your brand. Distributing good posts on a regular basis allows your audience to perceive your business as one with experience and authority, which in turn builds customer trust and strengthens your brand.

Learn 3 Ways to Build Your Brand Identity Using Content Marketing

3. Online Credibility and Brand Recognition

The efficiency and consistency with which your content marketing is run also strengthen the reputation of your brand, especially on social media. Often, high-quality content that addresses current or controversial topics is disseminated via social network platforms. By taking advantage of this trend (and regularly too), businesses are easily able to increase their reach and prominence.

4. Builds a Community of Loyal Customers

By creating and distributing free, relevant information, brands can build a connected community of customers who are loyal to your brand. Giving this community valued content for following you also gives them a reason to regularly check-in and invest their time (and possibly money/resources) in what your brand has to offer.

5. Customer Feedback and Insights

Delivering good content directly to your customers allows for audience feedback.

This helps businesses to gain insight and perform effective audience analysis that would help them know their customers better; their needs, attitude, demography, etc. content at its best can inspire discussion, provoke thought and get everyone talking.


In a world where consumers are more informed, more demanding and empowered than ever, brands and businesses need to increase investment in effective content marketing to engage, inspire and convert their audience into paying customers.

A good content marketing strategy is one essential way to gain your target market’s interest and rapidly increase sales for your business.

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Amanda Onoabhagbe is a Content Marketer at Backdesk Innovative Solutions, Abuja. She has a passion for researching history and sharing information, using the most creative tools and her professional abilities in writing and public speaking. She is a performance artist as well as an events entertainment service provider, and can not get over her fascination of the world of literature and the arts.

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