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“The purpose of a business is to create a customer” – Peter Drucker

What is a ‘Customer’

According to Investopedia, “a customer is an individual or business that purchases the goods or services produced by a business”

As we know, the primary goal of every entrepreneur, business or any marketing firm is to attract and build a customer base for business since the customer is the only one who makes a demand for products s and services.

In other words, attracting new customers is one of the biggest challenge for every business (whether large or small scale business, B2B OR B2C). Most affected by this challenge are startups.

So, it is no news that most businesses especially startups are struggling to tackle the challenge of attracting new customers for their business through online/offline marketing strategy. It is upon this note that this post was created to help you bypass this challenge.

‘How I Can Help’

In this post, I have highlighted 8 proven online/offline marketing tips/techniques that will help both large and small businesses attract ‘reliable customers’ in their business.

Let’s get something straight, as a business, irrespective of your goal (service provision or product sales), you need to understand that no matter how awesome or superb your product or service, your business will not yield any returns unless customers are willing to buy them.

Do I need to that say that loud?

No customers, no sales! Is as simple as that!

Having said that, let’s quickly highlight some marketing tips that will help you attract more customers.

#1. Leverage word of Mouth Marketing technique

Ancient as it sounds, word of mouth is still as relevant as it was since time immemorial. It is one of the most effective traditional marketing strategies that has helped many businesses get new customers and increase revenue for their business – It will help you too.

It hasn’t faded – word of mouth still works.  Tell people what service or product your business offers. Tell friends what you do. The good thing is that, when you inform people about what you do even if they don’t need the product or the service, chances are that they know someone who might need it.

Most importantly, endeavour to sell a product or service that really works and provides a great deal of value it’s users.

#2. Add Incentive to first Purchase

This might sound funny but customers like free gifts.

How would you feel when you place an order for a particular item for businesses that sell products and then you receive your order with additional item – tagged “gift” Am sure you will be very happy. That’s exactly how your customer would feel if you offer such an incentive to at least your first-time customer.

This simple act will do a lot of magic for you. Not only will the customer want to buy next time but will also spread that through word of mouth to friends.

Ladies are the major players in this case. So don’t think that a little incentive will affect your business.

#3. Run Paid Campaigns (Online-based)

Advertising is one of the most proven forms of driving prospects to a product or service.

Leveraging ads campaigns will help your product or service get noticed by your target market in the shortest period of time.

Aside from radio and television adverts, the internet has provided an alternative to that which is even more effective in this 21st century.

With the evolution of the internet, businesses can now run ads on the internet with Google Adwords through targeted keywords and social media ads as well.

The awesome thing about this ads is that you can decide how much you want to spend for the period of time the ads will be running, unlike the traditional ads that are fixed (don’t undermine the power of traditional ads), but online ads are arguably cheaper.

#4. Take Your business to Social Media and Engage your Audience

Social media is a free online marketing technique that can help you get new customers for your business.

In this age of social trend, effective marketing has gone beyond just getting prospects to come to you, but actively participating in the most appropriate platforms that appeal to your target audience, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Simply pick the best platform that suite your business and engage your audience or contact experts to help you figure that out.

Here, you will create an engaging and shareable post for your followers to read for more insight into what your business is all about.

Read 6 social media marketing benefits that will boost your business.

With active social media participation, it will be easier to get qualified leads and who might decide to learn more about your business by redirecting to your website.

Talking about a website…

#5. Do you have a Website? – Get a Website!

If you don’t have a website, you should have one immediately. A website plays an important role in your business.  Just like your business office, a website is your online office for new customers to get insight into what you offer.

It also serves as an information provider to enable customers especially new visitors to check out what you do, go through them and make contact or place an order in the case of e-commerce website simply because these options are available on the website.

Your website should have the following features;


-Call to actions

-Customers reviews

-Make contact option visible

-Mobile-friendly – Learn why you need a mobile-friendly website.

You might consider contacting the best web design agency to help you with a web design project that will impact your business positively.

#6. Create Custom Plog Posts on your Website

As part of effective marketing techniques, content marketing is one sure way of getting new customers because good content provides a visitor with all the necessary information he/she is looking for.

One of the major advantages of content marketing is that it helps to drive traffic to a business.

So, to get qualify leads (new customers), endeavour to create blog content that will add value to your site visitors.

Read 7 ways to drive traffic to your website with a blog post

#7. Optimize the Right Keywords

Keyword optimization is one of the best marketing approach small business can leverage to get new customers. It’s advisable for startups to have their business visible on search engines especially when relevant keywords are entered on google search, bing, yahoo, etc.

The truth is, the majority of your customers are searching for either the service or product you offer on the internet. Now when they do, will your business be found? This is a question every business, especially startups should ask themselves.

“Highly-effective SEO keywords selection is fundamental to success when it comes to executing a paid search or PPC campaign. It is also integral to a website natural or organic ranking on the search engines” – Digital Marketing Skill.

To get new customers, you need to pay close attention to your web content and then your blogs especially when the intent is to make sales.

Read 5 benefits of search engine optimization

#8. Offer discounts and deals to get more customers

Your customers or potential customers will like to hear these two interesting words- Free and Discounts, just like “BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) campaign strategy. Discounts and deals work well too. They are another creative and effect way to acquire new and more customers to your business.

To most people, discounts and deals are often perceived as a huge opportunity to save money and get quality products or service at a lesser cost. People don’t like missing out.

In other words, offering deals and discounts will help you get your products out to the public and eventually get to your target market who are ready to buy from you.

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