reasons for backdesk branded polo shirts a post by eze erondu top website designer and digital marketer in abuja nigeria

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Backdesk Branded Polo Shirts!
As a part of our advertising strategy, our main goal is targeted towards brand promotion and at the same time, give our visitors, startups and corporate businesses a better feel of the company. This should indirectly help promote trust when rendering our services and innovative solutions.

backdesk branded polo shirts blog post by Eze Erondu the best Content writer in Abuja, Nigeria

Here at the Backdesk blog, our creative content marketers have talked about pretty much everything we could think about, relating to Website Design and Digital Marketing. From creative UI/UX design tips to Digital Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, etc), there’s almost no subject that we haven’t covered.

After a brief discussion with my team, we realized it’s time to let you – our audience – understand how the Backdesk teamwork, think and operate. In subsequent posts, I will direct my topics to tackle possible questions that may arise in the minds of our audience.

In some instances like networking events and conferences, branded clothing will effectively help you stand out among others. For this reason, the Backdesk team had to come up with an easy win for the company. In the points below, I have listed some examples to help you understand what I mean.

1. Walking Advertisements

At some conferences and business showcase, I have identified several startup businesses and corporate agencies who pay people to wear their branded outfits at venues. This instantly creates and builds an easily identifiable brand army.

Why do companies and startup businesses do this?

backdesk-advert polo-shirts increase conversation post by Eze Erondu website designer in abuja

It’s a budget-friendly and highly effective strategy that creates a community of devoted fans, employees and prospective leads who as a result, become brand ambassadors everywhere they go.

2. Conversation Starters

The Backdesk team had to devote quality time to coming up with creative concepts to create and enhance conversations.

How do we achieve this?

backdesk-branded-polo-shirts increase conversation post by Eze Erondu

The front of the Polo shirt has the bold inscription “BACKDESK”, while the back tells of our core services which is Website Design and Digital Marketing.

Now, that is powerful marketing.

In my experience, I do not think your start-up has to be quite big nor a classic brand for this to work. For me, each time I wear the Backdesk branded clothing.  I indirectly answer some possible questions that would’ve come up about the company I work with and its services.



As you know, polo shirts are the best casual uniforms companies and corporate agencies can give to their employees because these fabrics are stress-free to brand and easy to wear. We call them “every brand’s dream”.


Our team hope you love the new Backdesk Branded Polo Shirts in a first look.

I would like to thank our Manager, Amanda Onoabhagbe and her creative team who donated their time and positive energy to make this project out of the box.

I hope you learnt a handful from this. Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below. and don’t forget to share.


About The Author

Eze Erondu is a Web Designer & Digital Marketing Manager for Backdesk. He is passionate about promoting the visual representations of Businesses in Nigeria; helping them attract more customers and grow revenue. As a prolific forger of impressive Brand Identities, Eze Erondu is also popular for his exceptional skills in Graphic Design and Web Design, helping businesses win through Digital Communications.

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