how to sustain your business in the face of crisis

Since the outbreak of corona-virus, business owners have been working hard to figure out the best way to sustain their businesses in the face of the crisis. Most businesses have put their business activities on hold and are aiming at resuming their business activities at the end of the crisis.

Well, that’s a wrong move.

Don’t make the mistake of shutting down your business when you can sustain your business even in the face of a crisis.

Every business can stay alive during this period!

The good news is, its not too late to start making plans!

You can work from home to sustain your business in the face of a crisis.

Working from home involves making use of online platforms like a website, or social media platforms to keep your business activities going and to grow our business.

How do I sustain my business and make money during this crisis period?

Crisis does not stop individuals from going online and patronizing businesses. To sustain your business during crisis times, you need 2 essential steps. First and foremost,

1. You need a business website to sustain your business online.

websiteThe benefits of having a business website at this period are uncountable… Let me hint you on some of the benefits.

A website helps you reach a large audience.

The internet is being used by individuals from all over the world, and guess what? Those numbers keep increasing.

Websites can be accessed worldwide, that is, from every part of the world, all that is needed is an internet connection and a smart phone or PC.

Since more and more people have access to the internet, even in remote locations, you can target a much wider audience if your business has a website, and you get to introduce your business to a large audience.

A business website helps your customers find you.

Most customers prefer patronizing businesses that have websites because it is believed that they aren’t fake businesses. Asides that, in times like this, individuals are not allowed to go out to make purchases.

All they can do is search for businesses that offer the product or service they need and contact them or make their purchase online. If you have a website, when people search for the products or services you offer, your website will pop up and they will be able to contact and patronize you.

A business website also makes your business easy to access.

Having a website makes your business easily accessible. With a website, customers can get access to you at any time of the day, and also access relevant information about your products and/or services without your presence.

2. You need to use Social Media Platforms to sustain your business.

social mediaSocial media is a great tool for marketing your products or services at this time. It has all the tools needed for effective communication with your potential clients.

Social media allows you:

Communicate with your customers directly.

Asides allowing you to connect with a wide audience. Social media allows you to send messages to your audience and receive direct messages from them.

It also allows you to get direct feedback from customers about your product or service, which will be effective in adopting new strategies to make your business better.

Market your Content and keep your business running. 

Social media allows you to market your business and get valuable leads with engaging content. Instagram users are thrilled by quality images and engaging content. With the use of those, acquiring leads via social media would not be a problem. Social media allows you to post as many contents as you want without having to pay for it.

Advertise your product or service.  

Advertisement via social media is not a compulsory activity. It is used basically because of its usefulness in brand promotion and lead acquisition. With social media platforms, you can run advertisements and connect to leads who probably, may not have heard about your business before.

I almost forgot to add that, signing up on social media platforms doesn’t cost a thing. It’s free!


All of these don’t require an office or a work station, they can be done from home.

Get yourself a business website, create social media accounts for your business, give offers and get customers to pay for your products or services online.

Don’t forget, relevant and engaging content is the key to getting more customers online.

If you need help with creating a website or handling your social media business account, click HERE and get help instantly!

About The Author

Peace Ola is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Backdesk Innovative Solutions. She is experienced in creating, optimizing, and promoting engaging content that drives sales and increases revenue.

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  1. The Coronavirus influenced us all a lot in all the ways but if your business can live through it means that you are a talented businessman or businesswoman.

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