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Perhaps it’s because I’m passionate about how to increase sales in business and business strategies to increase sales, or it’s because I understand how it feels to have products and not have your audience buy from you.  Maybe those are the reasons I put up posts like these.

To inform businesses about those things they do or don’t do online, that affects their sales.

I don’t know really…

But one thing I can say for sure is that I am pained when I hear people lament about how much effort they’ve put into their businesses.

Some complained about how they tied down some capital hoping to make massive sales and huge returns. But without business strategies to increase sales.

I know that by now you understand how vital marketing is to your business, most importantly, digital marketing.

Maybe you have an idea about how this “online buying and selling” works. Perhaps you have been promoting your products and services on social media. Sometimes things are good and sales occur and other times it feels like nobody is seeing nor hearing you. You’ve googled how to improve sales in a company tirelessly too.

It’s understandable dear, don’t sweat it.

It can be discouraging for some, but the smarter ones take note of a lot of things and adapt to the trend. They are not afraid to invest some money in online promotion and hence, derive great results.

That is by the way, here is the main gist:

As always, I have outlined 3 reasons why your audience is not buying from you below:

1. It is not easy doing business with you!3 Key Reasons Why Your Audience Are Not Buying From You

Yes, you read right, you can read it again, this time slowly for more clarity.

Ease of business is one of the major reasons people turn to your customers. It is one of the business strategies to increase sales. Remember a time when you tried purchasing something from someone via Whatsapp or Instagram? yea…

You dropped them messages, asking about their product or service and unfortunately, they were unavailable online.

I mean, they were not there to reply to you at that moment when you needed the info the most!

Now tell me, how did you feel?…hmmm?

I bet you felt they were not serious with their business and you felt they should have been there when you needed them to answer questions about their products.

It’s like opening a physical store and having no store attendant to attend to customers. People will turn away from your store, it’s that simple.

Now, back to you…do you now realize how your audience feels when they send you DMs on Instagram and it takes you the next day or evening to reply?

They basically have to wait on you to reply before taking the next step.

What if their need was urgent?.

By the time you reply, their attention would have been elsewhere. If you want to know how to increase sales in business, try being there.

They might have bought the same product or engaged in the same service from your competitor who happened to be available.

Another point to note asides from unavailability is the payment.

It is my pleasure to inform you that smart sellers no longer send account numbers to customers for payment.

Now there are easier ways to credit your account without sending your account details. If you need this info maybe I’ll write about this next.

People like ease when doing business.

Nigerians are mostly critics when it comes to shopping online. They transact with their “suspicious antenna ” on.

If this cold market is your target, you need to step up your game.

2. Lack of Business Strategies to Increase Sales

This is closely tied to the first reason. Where are your products or services displayed for your audience?.

Do you have them neatly cataloged on a site?. I would have loved to ask where you direct people to when they ask to see your product or services but the questions will seem too much.

Perhaps you should consider having your products and services displayed neatly somewhere online. If you’re into a service business, think of it more like an online portfolio.

There is a higher chance of your audience buying from you when they can view your products and their descriptions. If you are into fashion, for example, your audience will be able to view your latest dresses, shoes, pants, etc.

They can also see the sizes and colors that are available and this makes it easier for them to make a choice to buy from you.

Let’s get this straight mbok, this is not about your daily product post on Facebook, nor is it about your occasional check-ins on Instagram.

In order to get your audience to buy from you, you have to be ready to take different steps.

Because every seller is out there making noise on social media alone does not mean you should do the same.

If you want to achieve a different result, you’ll have to do things differently.

3. They Can’t Find You Online

You may be wondering that “after all the noise I have made with my online posts, you’re still telling me that they can’t find me online”?.

Yes, sweetie, don’t be disheartened, it happens and I will tell you how and why. This is the most important reason you should hold on to, from this write-up, it will change a lot of things if you take action.

There is a lot of noise in the digital world and as such, most contents go there to be forgotten.

If your post is not relevant to what the audience is searching for, then it’s simply going to get drowned in the noise without ever being seen.

How does this happen?

  1. When your audience goes online to buy something, they search using specific keywords, not your business name. If you are not using these specific keywords in your posts, then you may not be seen…at all.
  2. A buyer’s journey is unique, they make a lot of research about where to buy from and their choice is influenced by the ease of access to the business, i.e how accessible you are online. If you are not on the platform they are searching (Google, Bing Search), how will you make sales?

Why does this happen?


Search engines only return relevant results based on what the audience is looking for. Your audience may be searching for red shoes and where to buy them online, if you do not have red shoes listed, your competitor’s own will come up instead.


The Solution

In order to maximize your online presence so that your audience will buy from you, these are some things your competitors are doing and you’re not:

a) Build an E-commerce Website:

An E-commerce website has the ability to convert your audience into customers. It grants them ease in doing business with you and also makes things easier for you.

You can track how many website visitors you have, what they are looking at on your site and you also get notifications when they order products from you!

b) Incorporate a Payment method: Having an E-commerce website makes payment easier. There is no need to send account details to customers anymore.

You are at liberty to select your choice of payment and can determine the security level as well.

Sounds interesting right? … I know. 

c) List Your Products:

After setting up your online store, the next step is to add your products.

E-commerce websites offer you unlimited space to list all your products and services.

Yes, all of them…up to thousands!

This puts your store among the high ranking stores whenever a prospective customer searches for your products relating to yours online.

One tip I’ll like to add here is that you should make sure that you add product descriptions to the latter.

Captivating images and stunning descriptions can help you make more sales.

d) Search Engine Optimization:

This may sound technical but do not worry, I will explain. What it simply means is that you need to “inform” search engines about your website, so that whenever anyone searches for your product, the search engines will display your website. Basically, you’re teaching telling search engines the keywords that are most relevant to your business.

This is quite easy and there are a lot of articles to read up online about SEO.

If you need professional help in setting up your E-commerce website, you can click here.

In summary, an E-commerce website gives your business and product visibility online. It also allows you the ease of doing business at the same time making the purchase easier for your customers. This promotes sales, business growth, and strong online brand awareness.

There are a lot of technicalities involved and it is better to take the stress off yourself by contacting a professional E-commerce web designer.

If you will like to contact a website designer to set up your online store, click here now.



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