What are hashtags? 

Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a sign (hash sign #), mostly used on social media.

Why is using a hashtag important? 

Using a hashtag on social media is a good and easy way for businesses to increase their brand awareness and followers. Additionally, a relevant hashtag helps your customers find your business.

How? I’ll tell you! 

When a relevant hashtag is used, people searching for that keyword will find the post of businesses that made use of that hashtag.

Now let’s go over to how to get the best hashtags for your business!

Finding the best hashtag for your business is important to every business. Some of the proven ways to discover the best hashtag for your business are;

1. Use An Online Tools To Find Relevant Hashtags.

There are relevant sources online that assist businesses to generate a relevant hashtag for their posts.

Platforms like All-Hashtag’s generator generates more keywords from just one keyword it’s given. This means that when you search for a particular keyword related to your business or post, it generates the relevant hashtag. This platform produces about 30 hashtags related to that keyword.

Other relevant tools that do the same thing include; All-Hashtag, HashtagForLikes, and TagBlender.


2. Utilize Social Media Platforms.

Hashtags related to businesses have already been used on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is the originator of hashtags. This means that the site has more of them than others. This platform can be used to get relevant hashtags by searching for relevant keywords.


Asides from discovering hashtags, twitter, and Instagram are relevant tools to see if the hashtag you plan on using is effective. Instagram provides a numerical value of the hashtag. When you search for a particular hashtag on Instagram, you will be provided with the number of posts linked to that hashtag.

3. Check Out The Hashtags That Your Competitors Use.

There’s nothing wrong with learning from competitors! You can visit your competitor’s social media accounts to get a relevant hashtag related to your business.

Don’t copy the hashtag your competitor is using! 

Keep an eye on the most used hashtag by your competitors. This will give you an idea of the hashtag to make use of, but don’t copy your competitors. They might be making use of irrelevant keywords!



Hashtags are a great way to get your business out there on social media. What could be more important than the awareness and engagement that comes with the right hashtag?

The most effective ways to discover the best hashtag for your business are;

  • The Use of online hashtag tools.
  • Utilizing related hashtags on social media platforms.
  • Finally, taking cues from the hashtag used by competitors.

To find out if your selected list of hashtags works perfectly, track the performance of the posts they were used in.

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