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Google My Business is a tool that allows businesses appear on google  search engines and google map.

This is possible because it allows businesses to provide information about themselves on google. Listing your business is a great way for businesses to increase their reach and generate leads.

And setting up a business account on Google is not difficult at all.

Let’s go over the simple steps together:

STEP 1: Go to “”.

Before you begin this process, log in to your business Gmail account. After this has been done, visit “” and click on “start now”.

google my business

STEP 2: Enter your business name on Google My Business.

Type in your business name and click on “next”. The next step is to put in your business category and click on “next”.

If your business name is the same as another business, you’ll be provided with that name as an existing registered business. This is to help you know if your business already exists.

google business name

STEP 3: Enter your business address.

Type in your country, address, local government, and postal code. If you deliver goods and services to your customers, you can tick the box below “I deliver goods and services to my customers”.

business details

STEP 4: Choose your location on the map.

Drag the red location icon on the map to the exact location of your business. This enables potential customers to locate your business.

google map

STEP 5: Choose your delivery option.

There are 2 options available, you can either decide to serve or deliver to audiences outside your location or country. You can also choose not to serve audiences outside your location or country.

delivery option

STEP 6: Include your contact details.

Type out the contact information you have available. This will assist your clients to reach you. It is not necessary, but it’s highly recommended to include your website link. This link leads potential clients to your website where they can get more information about your business.

Get a website for your business today!

contact details

STEP 7: Choose a verification option on Google My Business.

Pick your verification option! The default verification option is Postcard by Mail. Other methods like phone or email. Make your choice, provide the necessary information, and submit.

Postcard takes about 2 weeks to arrive, once it has been received, sign in, click on Verify location and enter the five-digit verification code from your postcard.

And that’s it! You’re done!

Your business may take a few weeks to appear on Google. Before this happens, you can manage your account and information on Google.



Google My Business is an important listing platform for every business, including small businesses. This is a free platform that allows businesses to showcase their products and services to the world.

Setting up a business account on Google requires professionalism as some strategies should be applied.

Need help with setting up your business on Google?

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