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Email Marketing according to Wikipedia “is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing”

What this means is that email marketing is an integral part of internet marketing. Every business should be doing it!

Email marketing is as significant as SEO, PPC and  SMM.

It remains the platform with the biggest ROI; it still drives transformations and it still distributes your customized message to the public.

Using the right targeted email marketing strategy will enable you to acquire new customers and communicate with existing clients in a more personalized tone to retain their interest in the services or products you provide.

Here are four guaranteed ways you can advance your targeted email marketing for your business and brand this 2018.

  1. Stop Writing Long Narratives

Stop Writing Narratives - Eze Erondu Article

Like Nigerians would say (in pidgin English) – ‘shey person get that kind time’?

People don’t really have time reading through long essays. Mind you, the majority of internet users read emails through mobiles devices.

So why waste your time writing story that people are never going to read?

The truth remains, that nobody has time to read your outrageous ‘Super Story’ (Lengthy emails), so KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) your message.

Of course, it starts out great, everybody likes it but then it’s like ‘OK, can you just skip to your point?..’ but no, it doesn’t. It keeps going. And going. Now we’re all very tired of it and probably, you!

Frankly speaking,  90% of people would not like to open an email from a company, organization, Religious bodies, fan club, etc. only to be greeted with an unnecessarily lengthy text that goes miles and miles down the page.

“No one has time for that!”

Even if they do, it would be crazy to assume they would like to spend the whole time reading a long essay.

What then is the ideal Email length?

18 lines with graphics would be ok- Simple!

Your marketing solutions and what you offer to your targeted audience should come first. Let them be greeted with benefits of whatever services or product you want to sell to them.

Is there more information you would like to share? Awesome. Eighteen lines with a link to a landing page with the rest of the information. If they want it, they’ll click and navigate to it.

  1. Quit Spamming People

    email spams - Eze Erondu Article Backdesk

How do you feel when MTN Nigeria, GLO Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and other networks keep disturbing you with messages to either subscribe to one thing or the other at every minute of the day?

Annoying right? I bet.

Email marketing is no license to harassing people. Most agencies got their mail list from one way or the other.

However, building a mail list by getting your site’s visitors to register for your daily, weekly or monthly newsletters remains the best way of targeted email marketing.

There are other platforms for generating quality emails for email marketing, such as online directory email collection.

Often times people or B2B,  like digital marketing agencies acquire email by going through directories to collect email of companies /organisations that might need the services they offer.

You don’t send emails to people that would never have any need for your services. Imagine a digital marketing agency sending emails to a 100L undergraduate.

The point is, know your target market, the right time and the interval at which you send emails to people so as not to waste your energy configuring a mail that’s going to have high bounce rate. If your Click Through Rate (CTR) is below average, then the email marketing is a total failure.

For effective email marketing, create a newsletter sign up page for people to enter their detail. On the contrary, getting people to sign up for newsletters don’t come on a platter of gold, at least 80% of it doesn’t.

So what do you do? Offer something in return. Give an offer that will take the person to a landing page where he/she would have to drop his/email. With that, you can grow your mailing list.

However, getting people to sign up for your newsletter is no guarantee that they would stay, if you continue to provide useful tips/information that is of interest to them, sure they would stay but if disturb them so much, I bet you’ll lose them all.

Plan your email marketing in a very flexible manner that it won’t become a problem instead of solutions to your subscribers.

Email marketing remains the ultimate form of internet marketing but doesn’t spam people.

  1. Create a Concise but Compelling Subject Lines

  • If your topic says ‘please don’t ignore!’ or ‘very important!’, I’m certainly not opening such message and be sure to be ignored because it sounds more like spam or beg.
  • Summarize your message with a concise subject line. If your topic is so long that I will have to scroll over to read just the headline alone!

Check out some tips I personally recommend Subject lines from Hubspot

  1. Know the Right Time of the day to Send Your Emails

Wrong time to send emails – Friday afternoon or Monday morning.

On Mondays, people are getting their work stuff going on and on Fridays, people have already mentally checked out for the weekend.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have always been the best days to send marketing emails traditionally and for good reason.

Even though it isn’t as much of a consideration as it would be with something like Social Media marketing, knowing the right time of day to hit your audience’s inbox is also a big piece of the puzzle.

Some studies carried out by CoSchedule show the best days to send emails is Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday.

email marketing tips
Ref: CoSchedule

The studies also show the best time to send an email.

See the image below:

email marketing tips
Ref: CoSchedule

For more about the studies, Read Coschedule blog on the best time to send an email.

Final thought:

Just before leaving, I need to remind you that email marketing is still a very important tool in Digital Marketing and can be just as effective as many of the trending marketing tactics.

Don’t be left out!

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