Email marketing

Are you looking for ways to increase your email open rates?

Here are 5 proven ways to increase your email open rates

1. Use creative & attractive Subject Lines for your email marketing campaigns

The subject line is an important aspect of your email. It’s the first impression people have about the content of your mail. It also determines if they will read it or not. This is because individuals don’t open emails that don’t grab their attention.

A subject line should be short and straight to the point.

It should ask questions that’ll leave the reader curious about the content of the email.

2. During Email Marketing, ensure your content is engaging

Email marketing

You want more email open rates right? Are your contents engaging? One of the reasons why subscribers don’t open your emails anymore is because the content of your mail isn’t engaging.

Gaining your subscriber’s interest is not a hard task. Ensure you do the following;



  • Ensure that your content is educating
  • Make sure your audience has an interest in the content
  • Include call-to-action buttons
  • And finally, end the content of your email with a question

3. Segment your audience list

Segmenting your email list simply means dividing your audience/subscribers into groups. Doing Email marketing this allows you to send targeted messages to a specific group of subscribers based on their interests. By so doing, you’ll get more open rates because you’re sending your subscribers what they like and want to see.

You can segment your subscribers into groups based on information such as;

  • Background/characteristics
  • Demographic information
  • Interests
  • And engagement data

4. Create a re-engagement campaign

Instead of deleting the contact information of subscribers that do not respond, try contacting them. Always try to re-engage inactive subscribers with more engaging content.

First and foremost, create a list of inactive subscribers. Secondly, send targeted emails that seek their opinion on ways of improvement. Sending offers to inactive subscribers is an effective means of getting them to open your email.

Personalization of emails also leads to email open rates from inactive users. Personalize your emails. 

5. Ensure you send your emails a the right time.

Email marketing The time you send out your emails affects its open rates. According to MailChimp’s data, the best time of the week to send emails is on weekdays versus weekends. They also found out that the best time of the day to send emails is at 10 AM.

In order to find out the perfect timing, you should do these;

To find the perfect time, carry out A/B testing. It will help you identify the best time to send out emails.

Lastly, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What time will you prefer to receive emails?

All of these will help you figure out the perfect time to send out emails.


These tips will help your email campaign get better open rates. It might take time to get used to them, but eventually, you’ll get used to them.

Are you excited about your email open rates? Do share your techniques in the comment section.

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Peace Ola is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Backdesk Innovative Solutions. She is experienced in creating, optimizing, and promoting engaging content that drives sales and increases revenue.

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