7 Practical Ways Small Businesses Can Drive Traffic With Blog Posts-kingsley Mbadugha

Getting traffic and leads can be one of the most challenging parts of internet marketing for small businesses especially startups in Nigeria. Similar to this is getting people to respond to your emails.

“In fact, the average open rate for email marketing is less than 25%, with the click-through rate coming in at just over 4%” – Neil Patel said.

On the other hand, the average rate for Blog with click-through can be equated with that of email marketing simply because there is more to blogging than just publishing a text on the internet.


However, blogging is a powerful marketing tool and an incredible way to start gaining attention (traffic) and leads to your business- this is a no-brainer.


Of course, your web designers have done a great job in terms of site structure, colour preference and otherwise -Impressive!

But then what value does your blog add to your business?

It is one thing to create a blog post and another to create a post capable of going viral and driving quality traffic to your business.

Let me not bore you with the importance of having a blog on your website (the importance of blogging cannot be overemphasized because blogging works), rather, my focus is to give you the fundamental tips that if well implemented will help drive organic traffic and generate more leads to your business just like my blog.

The truth is,  most business owners find it very difficult to get traffic with blog posts on their website.

Now, the big question is;

Are you ready to drive traffic and generate more leads to your business with your blog posts?

Read my best tips that will help you achieve your business goals.

1. Do keyword research before writing your post

Despite the continuous change in the world of SEO,  keyword research remains an indispensable strategy when it comes to content marketing (blog post). Keywords research will help you optimize your blog posts for search engines. That means, people, will be able to see your post on the internet when they search any of your optimized keywords in your post.

For instance, If you enter  “benefits of SEO to businesses in Nigeria

You’ll see that my post rank N0#1 on google search engine.

Using the right keywords will help you get traffic with your blog.


So what do you do? Quite simple.

Research! Research!! Research!!!

Find proper keywords that people search for on search engines that are relevant to your niche and integrate them on your blog post.

To achieve this, put yourself in their (readers) shoes and think like them. You’ll be able to get the right keywords that are using to search for services they want.

On the other hand, there are quite a number of tools you can use to get the exact keywords or phrases people are searching for on search engines.

Some of these tools include Keyword planner, Twitter search, etc.

You can also use Google suggest. When you type in keywords on google search engine, you usually see a drop down that has similar keywords. These are what other people are searching for on google. Let’s try a beauty shop

See the screenshot below.

Increase traffic to your website

With this, you already have an insight into what people are searching for.

So it will be easier for you to come with a Title, for instance, “Top 10 Beauty Shops in Lagos” etc.

Similar to Google suggest is “Related searches

When you make a search on Google, take your time to move down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see searches related to what you are looking for.

For instance, if you want to create content on sales like “sales increase” you’ll see related long tail keyword at the bottom of the search page.

See the screenshot below.

get more leads

These methods work perfectly for better user engagement.

Using the right keyword makes it a lot easier for your post to be found on a search engine.

It might interest you to know that getting your post to appear on the search engine is not the main thing but where is appears.

There are over 1 million results when a search is made on Google search for instance. This means that, if your blog posts are found on the second page of search engines,  you are far away from getting the kind of traffic you’re expecting because people don’t usually check the second page and so on.

In fact, most people don’t even know that second page and the rest of the pages exist in the search results.

Keywords research is a vital part of online marketing. The right keywords can get your blog posts on the front page of the search result which is mostly where internet users tend to get any information they want.

Also, read the  6 keywords research tools by Neil Patel that can help you find the proper keywords for your blog post to get the right traffic you’d hope for on your website.

2. Create exceptional and irresistible headlines for your blog posts

Ever come across something you swiped through on the internet, but then something about that page made you go back and have a  look at it properly?  That’s how your headlines should be. It should possess this aura that would compel readers to click without hesitation.

To drive organic traffic and generate more leads to a website, your blog posts titles must be exceptional and irresistible to your audience.


Let me ask you this; what really made you click on this post? I bet is probably because you find the title interesting. Readers are so concerned about what content really has a solution to whatever problem they are facing.

So to get your message across to your readers, your headlines must be appealing and catchy enough to make them want to click and read. Check Neil Patel’s step by step guide on writing powerful headline capable of driving massive traffic to your business.

The truth is, the way you craft your blog post title would determine how much views you’d get. In other words,  the more catchy your headline, the better your advantage of beating the odds and getting higher click-through rates

3. Write informative and engaging posts:



The focus of every blog writer is to inform, educate and engage readers.

You’ve found the right keywords internet users are searching for on search engines. You also did a good job in crafting an awesome blog post title – Very well!

But then, how engaging is your blog post?

Writing a powerful blog post title will compel readers to click through but it won’t sustain their interest in the post. The quality of the body of your blog post is what sustain readers interest on web site; so present an interesting and engaging post.

Don’t forget that your audience engagement starts with your headline and the next thing that gets them to click through is snippets (meta description).

A snippet is a summary of what the post is all about in a few words.

This can help you improve your organic click-through-rate (CTR).

If your content is poor, you will eventually get traffic through your headline but you will be disappointed that your visitors won’t last ten seconds on your site because of the post lack engagement. Your bounce rate will also increase because your content is not compelling and engaging enough.

There are two types of traffic: quality traffic and poor traffic.

While quality traffic helps you generate lead to your business, poor traffic won’t add any value to your business instead it will affect your SEO ranking.

A poor blog post can increase the bounce rate on your website. This will not affect your SEO but will lead to poor conversion rate since people won’t be able to click on your post in the first place.

When writing your blog post, sit tight, think and craft a quality content that will sweep your readers off their feet. Give them something interesting.

Quality blog post speaks for itself because it’s a KING. Learn how to write quality content.

4. Ensure your posts are easy to Share on social media:

Having your post shared on social media is one hell of a method of getting organic traffic to your website.

As you know, social media marketing has gone beyond the usual casual conversation we witnessed in the time past,  today it is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can leverage to grow businesses in this 21st century.


So if you want to drive more traffic and also generate more leads to your business, consider making it easier for readers to share your posts.

In some cases, you find out that some websites unintentionally hid their share buttons. Your share option should be visible to your site visitors for easy click and share.

You should also know that increasing your sharing frequency also increases the reach of your blog posts promotion. You can use the following plugins ( SumoMe, Social Locker, Shareaholic.com etc.) to build your posts readership.

5. Promote your blog post


Most businesses (especially small businesses) may use a tight budget as an excuse to keep their mind off promotion campaign for a blog post. A campaign can help your business get more traffic.

You’ve done your best to craft quality content but it’s right you know that writing good content is not enough.

Want to drive organic traffic to your website? Leverage the power of promotion campaign on social media and enjoy the benefits.

As a start up, consider building your brand with little or no money. People need to know about your services but you cannot get such awareness without promotion.

There are ways you can promote your blog posts aside using paid campaign which is self-promotion campaign. With this campaign (self-promotion), you can drive massive traffic to your website and possible leads.

How it works: When you publish a new post, email it to your friends and ask them to share with their friends or through words of mouth. Dude! there’s no shame in that.

Also consider been active on social media platforms – here am not talking about your personal social media, I mean your social media business pages. If don’t have any consider creating a business page on relevant social media platforms.

Read 8 ways you can promote your blog post after you hit the publish button.

Being socially active will not only generate traffic for your business but will also help you build your brand. And besides, the more active you are on social media the more your followers will read and also share your post.

Final thought.

I understand that most business owners, especially the ones with a website do not have time to go through the hassle of drafting quality blog post – Let Backdesk Innovative Solutions help you manage your online presence  to not only drive traffic to your website but also engage your specific targeted audience with quality contents capable of converting them to actual paying customers.

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