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… how do you build a database of loyal customers? What happens after you close the deal with a client? How do you retain your existing customers while focusing on potential customers?

Any idea? Don’t answer that…

These are only but few questions business owners should ask themselves.

In this post, I will briefly discuss the impact of customer service on your business and the effective marketing strategies to improve the productivity of your company leveraging excellent customer service.

You will agree with me that Customer service isn’t just about expensive marketing strategy, nor a time-consuming task deployed by most businesses, but a working and effective marketing strategy if you do it properly.

…my favorite customer service quote by Sam Walton reads thus; “There is only one boss the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the Director (s) on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

What this means is that, in the chains of distribution, the customer remains the king because he’s the final destination for every business. In the same vein, a customer is a  destination for products or services that you offer. He will always be.

In other words, pay close attention to your customer and he will be loyal for life – there is no magic.

What then is Customer Service?

I will explain what customer service means with a briefcase study;

Take, for instance, you are opting for digital marketing services. The marketing manager you met is attentive and knowledgeable, responding to all your questions in the language that you understand as well as walking you through your decision-making process and even when the deal is signed, he never let go. He is always at your service to do the needful— this is excellent customer service.

Building a great customer experience is believed to be one of the most significant challenges businesses face.

Today several businesses either service-based businesses or products-based focus only on making a profit which is the goal of every business. These businesses pay more attention in training staff to handle everything that revolves around closing deals and forgot all about customer service after the deal has been closed.

Customer experience, however, comprises not only this interaction but also the lifetime guarantee, the long-term satisfaction with the product or service you rendered to the customer is what matters.

Excellent Customer Experience and Why it Matters

Simply put, good customer experience is the collection of the relationship between customer and business.

It is more than just meeting expectations but exceeding them in the most efficient and customer-centric way. This can ultimately resonate with customer loyalty and reduced blackout rate.

Benefits Of Excellent Customer Service To Business

  • Good customer service fills the gaps in your customer experience journey
  • It improves customer satisfaction
  • It helps to retain the existing customer
  • Great customer service brings more referrals to your business
  • Satisfy customers are the best brand promoters
  • Exceptional customer service gives you a competitive advantage
  • It’s no longer about you but your customer
  • It helps to create awareness for your brand through word of mouth by a satisfied customer

Effective ways to improve your customer service

  • Know Your Product or Service inside-out

To provide exceptional customer service, you should know what you offer inside-out. A customer service agent for either product or service must be familiar with the possible question from a customer in other to have a well-calculated response that will leave them satisfied.

  • Always be Polite and Friendly

Relate with your customer is the most friendly and relaxed way without compromising on the ethics of professionalism.

  • Send appreciation note to your buyers

A simple appreciation note will go along way in spicing up the relationship between you and your customers

Other ways to maintain effective customers services include;

  • Be attentive to your customer
  • Ask for feedback using the survey method
  • Use the response you get to provide better customer service

Effective Customer service Tools

Without mincing words, engineering an awesome customer experience has become a top priority for brands within and across the globe. Customer service has gone beyond just the face-to-face aspect of service, technology makes it possible to connect and engage a larger audience (customers) in new and most exciting ways.

Speaking of the new and exciting ways of rendering effective customer service, EMAIL MARKETING IS WORTHY OF NOTE.

If you are looking forward to administering an exceptional customer service in other to achieve the aforementioned benefits as well as the platform suitable to Engage, Convert and Retain your customers; Tap into email marketing – it pays.

Email marketing remains one of the best marketing strategies any business employ.

Looking for an agency to bridge the gap between you and your customers – just say hello.






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