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Branding for NonProfit organization (NGO) in Nigeria can be a herculean task. Asides from the fact that there are numerous competitors out there doing the same thing and targeting the same audience as you, of course.

There are new NGOs in Nigeria springing up daily. It is important to brand your NGO in order to stand out.

Creative branding for your NonProfit organization passes your messages across at the speed of light.

To do this, you need a NonProfit branding guide that will help you soar higher and faster too.

While the main intention of setting up NGOs in Nigeria in the first place is “goodwill”, we cannot override the need for funding and creative ways to convince people to believe in your cause.

In order to convince people about your NGO in Nigeria, get funding opportunities, and make them believe in your dream and in the solution, you are providing to the world through your services, you need to stand out and stand strong.

A strong NonProfit branding is a formidable one. People generally like to be associated with good things.

What you want to be is outstanding!

You need to attract people first, then inform them about your mission, enlist them and have them support your cause through funding and grants.

But it does not stop there.

You also need to go further to turn them into raving fans of your NonProfit organization.

Fans that will cheer you on and support your cause, fans that will spread the word to their families, friends, colleagues, and anyone who cares to listen.

Branding for NonProfit organizations in Nigeria is quite different from other types of businesses. NGO’s have to be persistent in order to raise funds and they have to send a clear message consistently.

As an NGO owner, your aim should be to turn your brand into a household name.

In the same way, Nigerians associate toothpaste with close-up and noodles with Indomie.

What these two brands have done successfully over the years, is to reiterate the same message, over and over again. Until they stood out clear amongst others.

What am I driving at?

I am trying to make you understand the importance of branding to NonProfit organizations in Nigeria.

Branding for NonProfit organization has to do with your brand voice, colors, logo, name, etc.

As you already know, most NGOs in Nigeria share awareness and apply for funding and grants through online platforms.

NonProfit branding plays an important role here.

You will need proper digital branding in terms of having a website, search engine optimization, social media platforms and finally, run massive paid advertisements.

Now, let’s highlight the components of branding for nonprofit organizations in Nigeria:


  1. NGO Brand Identity

Your brand identity as an NGO consists of:

  • Name
  • Brand Logo
  • Colors
  • Voice

You may already have a brand name or you’re thinking of one presently, it doesn’t matter which one.

What is most important is that your brand name resonates with your cause.

You cannot have a cause that supports women and children and name it “Stand up Nigeria”.

I mean, it will take your presence to explain what this means to your audience.

But you won’t be there physically at all times, in fact, you can’t!

A proper brand name for a cause that supports women and children could be “Mother and Kids Support”

It doesn’t have to be generic like this one above, but I guess you understand my point.

What is the point of having a brand name that does not introduce itself?  Or one that takes 5 about minutes to explain?

Brand Logo

Your NGO’s logo is just as important as your brand. You want to carve a unique logo that represents your cause.

A professionally designed logo that is unique to your brand. Having a brand logo is like having a trademark of your brand. A unique logo allows you to stand out when applying for funding opportunities for your NGO in Nigeria.

Brand Color

A color or combination of colors that speak to the heart of people is what you should consider when picking colors.

Another factor that might inform your decision is the type of NGO you are running.

Going by the “mother and children support” NGO for example, a perfect color could be blue in different tones and shades or a combination of blue and pink. These colors are distinct.

Brand Voice 

Your NGO should have a voice, a consistent message that is associated with it.

Think about the message you are trying to spread and the impression you want to have on people. Think about the impact of your cause and highlight the need for people to support you. Your voice helps you to get grants and increase your funding sources.

When it comes to branding for NonProfit organizations in Nigeria, one of the most important things you should pay attention to is your brand voice. It goes a long way to spread your cause.

This will help you carve out the right brand message and voice.


  1. NGO Website

As part of your NonProfit branding, having a website for your NGO is one of the biggest assets you can have.

After having a logo, the next step is for you to secure the URL for your business website. When you have your own branded website, it will establish credibility for your NGO in Nigeria and more people will want to partner and raise funds for you based on this.

This is where you showcase all your projects and outreach. With your own customized website, you can do a lot more.

You can raise funds, drive traffic and raise awareness about your Nonprofit organization.

There are numerous reasons why a website is very important for your business.

A lot of things are involved in website creation, it isn’t simply where your customers go, to read about your awesome achievements.


It is more about them than YOU.

You need a classy, beautiful and professional platform that will turn strangers into genuine fundraisers and partners.

Depending on your budget and experience, you should invest in a professional website developer to create a completely custom website for your NonProfit organization.

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  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

More people are searching online every day, looking for causes like yours to partner with and support.

For start-ups, SEO will assist you in creating a better, faster and more user-friendly website.

If you want your projects to get found online, drive more engagement and make more impact, work on your SEO!

Grants and funding agencies are looking for NGOs in Nigeria to fund as part of their support initiative.

This can be a bit complicated if you decide to do this on your own but what you need to understand is  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing strategy for driving organic traffic to websites.

That is why we recommend that you hire a professional to do this for you. This will take your Google Ranking to the next level. It is like lighting a match on a very dry pile of hay!

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  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media cannot be eliminated from the list if you are to do a proper branding.

It is where most of the conversations about NGOs in Nigeria go down. This is where you want to position your brand, where people can see your projects and causes, where you can gather genuine fans and raise massive funds!

The power of social media marketing especially when it comes to branding for Nonprofit organizations in Nigeria is robust!

However, before embarking on this, you have to determine which of the platforms will be suitable for your cause.

You will have to work on growing a following of genuine people for your cause. The more you show up, the more likely you’ll get noticed.

This will help you drive your message home faster.

Social media is one of the sure ways to secure funds for NGOs in Nigeria.

With the right platform, strategy and the right audience, you are set to go!


  1. Paid Advertisement

Paid advertisements skyrocket your Nonprofit brand and position you in front of your audience when they need you. It is like the ultimate cheat code when it comes to online visibility.

Paid ads are inevitable in every marketing strategy. You dictate the pace of your Ads.

It also allows you to specify the kinds of audience you want your brand to be exposed to.

Paid Ads take branding for NonProfit organization to the next level.

Advertising platforms allow you to select based on age, gender, location, language, income level, interests, lifestyle, educational level, devices, online platforms and lots more.

When you are ready to run paid Ads, you should speak to a professional for a more guided approach to running ads for NGOs in Nigeria.

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Follow these steps on branding for NonProfit organization in Nigeria and build an awesome brand.

Do not forget to leave a comment if this helped your nonprofit branding.

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