Brand Marketing

A brand is a feature {a symbol, a name, or a word} that differentiates a business from others.

Building a powerful brand involves creating a strong positive impression in the minds of customers about a business. Positive customer perception leads to more sales and patronage, this is because individuals are likely to do business with familiar and trustworthy brands. Trusted brands will likely be patronized even after the introduction of new products or services.

The positive impression of a business amongst its consumers increases patronage.

Brand Marketing and Promotion

Brand name: is a word, a phrase, or a design that identifies a product, service or brand and separates it from Brand promotionothers.  They are one of the ways individuals recognize, identify and distinguish a product.

A brand name can be lawfully protected. This is referred to as Trademark. Remarkable brand names are Nike, Google, Facebook, Uber, Apple, and so on.

Brand identity: comprises of a set of feature such as a name, design, font, or symbol which differentiates a brand from others.

A popular brand that has an identity that differentiates it from other brands is Apple. One unique way to identify an apple product is by the apple logo on its products.

Brand awareness: involves getting customers familiar with a particular brand, its goods or services

Brand marketing is about boosting recognition and reputation. Contrary to what many people believe, brand marketing is not just placing your company name and logo on every platform and hoping that people see it.

Brand marketing means creating brand awareness by promoting your product or service.  It involves building a loyal customer base by communicating a brand’s identity and it’s worth.

Ways to Promote Your Brand and Make Sales

1. Create a Website for your Brand

In 2018, according to statistics, Nigeria had 92.3 million internet users, which has been on the increase. Making your brand visible by this number of internet users is a good way to market your brand.

How do I do that? 

Create a business website…

Individuals often patronize legitimate companies and one of the ways to prove that your brand is one, is by having a Brand promotionbusiness website where you can inform website visitors about your brand and display images and videos of your products or services.

Your business website can be used to show customers all about a brand. On a business website, you get to display loads of information about your brand. Your mission, vision, products or services, and even testimonials can be displayed on an about us page on your website. Furthermore, business contact information {phone number or email} can also be displayed on a business website.

2. The use of Search Engine Optimization boosts brand promotion

Brand promotionHaving a business website is not enough. A business website should be visible on search engines like google, bing, and others.

How do I do that?

Search engine optimization!

Search engine optimization helps websites appear at the top of search engine result pages. That way, websites get more visitors and become a gradually known brand.

Optimizing websites to get more visitors and customers is quite easy. It involves;

  • Including keywords related to the business on the website and content. Getting keywords is not a hard task, one of the tools that can be used to get keywords related to a business is Ubersuggest.
  • Producing rich content capable of converting visitors into followers.
  • Including backlinks. Backlinks help websites rank higher on search engines.
  • Testing and measuring your website to determine the progress level.

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3. Social Media Marketing is an essential tool for Brand Promotion

An effective way to market your brand and create brand awareness is by creating social media accounts for your business. Having a social media business account allows businesses to become visible to customers on social media and present their brands interestingly to their audience.

Brand promotionBrand marketing is quite easy on social media. To make a brand known, interesting and relevant content should be uploaded. Social media posts aimed at creating brand awareness about products or services should include incentives that can attract individuals.

Posts on social media can be promoted to create brand awareness. Social media ads like Facebook ads aids to reach a large target audience, introduce a brand, introduce a product or service, give an offer, and market a brand.

Marketing on Social media platforms helps businesses communicate with their customers directly. With the use of social media, businesses can receive and respond to complaints of customers on time. This helps businesses retain customers and display quality customer service to visitors.

A business social media account can be linked to its website.

To do that, include the link to the website on the social media profile. That way, businesses can drive traffic to their websites.

4. Lastly, Giving Incentives and Giveaways also assists in brand promotion

Incentives mean rewards given for purchase. It keeps customers coming back. Giveaways trigger customers to try out products or services. With giveaways, businesses get referrals and loyal customers.Brand promotion

Incentives and offers create brand awareness and customer acquisition. By including incentives and offers in social media ads like Facebook ads and google ads, businesses can get more followers and more traffic to their website.

Always relate your offers to your business.

Keep your customers happy! offer incentives!


Promoting your brand is not an impossible task.

We would be happy to hear from you on how useful these tips were.

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Peace Ola is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Backdesk Innovative Solutions. She is experienced in creating, optimizing, and promoting engaging content that drives sales and increases revenue.

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