Guaranteed Ways to Increase Sales through your Website in Nigeria-kingsley Mbadugha

The last few years have witnessed a huge response and an increase in sales for businesses in Nigeria through their website. Surprised? don’t be.

Today, most businesses now have a business website where they can market their products and services allowing customers to visit and get more insight into their business. Not only do these websites represent the company/agency, organization or businesses online but can be used as a powerful marketing tool to boost and increase sales for businesses in Nigeria.

On the contrary,  it’s hard to believe that most businesses in Nigeria are yet to fully leverage the power of the internet to generate organic traffic and possible leads to increase sales through their websites.

Without much ado, here are my 7 guaranteed ways on how you can increase sales for your business through your website in Nigeria.

1. Traffic and Lead Generation 

In this case, whether you are trying to drive your first potential customers or retaining the existing ones; driving organic traffic and leads to your website is perhaps the most considerable and bold step in expanding and increasing sales for your business through your website – This for sure is a no-brainer.

Ways to Increase Sales through your Website in Nigeria

Now that you knew this, how can I achieve it?

Quite simple!

advertise! advertise!! advertise!!!

I was chatting with a friend who happened to ask “if an advertisement is still relevant to businesses in Nigeria”?

YES!  was my response. Advertisement remains the best-integrated marketing communication (IMC) tool any business can adopt. In other words, the power of advertisement must not be taken for granted.

It might interest you to know that display adverts and social media are overly effective rather low-priced ways of creating brand awareness, boosting brand credibility, attracting visitors and of course enhancing the visibility of your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

How optimized is your website? This is a question for businesses with a website.

Now, wouldn’t it be awesome for your website to pop up as number 1 (okay maybe first 5) on the front page of search engines when people (customers, prospects etc) search for a product or services related to your niche?

Well, websites or businesses do not pop up on the front page just like that or by luck, it is the power of SEO.  To most people, it may seem impossible or possibly tad complicated but the truth is, SEO is an essential part of internet marketing every business must put into consideration.

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Talk to SEO expert for full site optimization for higher ranking in search engines. The more visible your website is to search engines, the more it generates traffic to your business giving you a reasonable chance of an increase in sales.

2. Write Rich and interesting content

In Nigeria, there’s a lot of competition among businesses and these businesses all have a website. For this reason, one can rightly say “it is no longer about what businesses own a website but rather about whose website is appealing and engaging to the audience.

Ways to Increase Sales through your Website in Nigeria

Writing quality content is one sure way of driving both traffic and increase conversions rates to your website. To achieve this, you need to pay attention and spend some of your time targeting specific market segments. Quality content remains the king in traffic generation and sales increase for websites.

In other words, creating specific content for a specific market segment will help you drive promising prospects for your business.

Mind you, every single post on your website should be informative and educational. Let your site visitors be greeted with a resourceful post that geared towards solving a particular problem for them.

In most cases, some websites limit their posts or tips only on their products and services. It shouldn’t be so, instead find a way to integrate informative posts that will not directly preach or sell your products or services sometimes – Visitors get bored with so much advert.

Also, consumers love videos and it has been proven that people spend more time on websites with video content. So feel free to include content-rich videos on your website. it definitely would help drive traffic to your website.

 3. Include promos and other benefits of buying from your  Industry 

Ways to Increase Sales through your Website in Nigeria

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a website and what pops up on your screen reads “buy our product and get 50% discount” that’s means half of the original price in the market? Wao! that’s awesome.

Well, chances are you would like to crawl through the website to get more information about the product and services and maybe end up making a buying decision. Why? because it sounds so interesting, attractive and so appealing.

Anyways,  the point is that man (human beings ) by nature like free lunch. So why not dangle your promos, flaunt your discounts and benefits in the face of your site visitors?

Trust me it works perfectly!

4. Think like your customers and use their voice in your copy

Do you know the perfect way to market is to directly arrest the mind of your customers? How? quite simple- think like your customers and use their voice to communicate to them in your text and you stand a chance of sales increase through your website.

Ways to Increase Sales through your Website in Nigeria

Yeah! it’s rather hard to mimic or quote your Customers/prospects perfectly or directly but there is a way out. A smooth chat or interview with your existing customers can give you an insight why they buy from your products and services.

With these simple reasonings, you can draft a conforming sales page content capable of converting better than any content you’ve written so far.

5. Make contact option easier for your site visitors

Have you ever come across a website that its contact address is in the middle of nowhere? Sure I have!

Wait!! Do you even know why people visit websites? information.

Those seeking information crawls through websites to get what they need.

Now imagine if your contact address is hidden or not even on the site, how do you get visitors to get more information they couldn’t get on the website or the ones they needed someone to explain to them?

To me, having a website with no contact address is really bad for business.

Besides, you should include these contact where a visitor can see it without having to waste energy searching for it. People don’t really have that kind of patience.

If you wish to increase sale for your business through your website then you should consider having your office address, email and possibly mobile number if you want to but I’ll recommend you do.

This automatically makes it easier for people visiting your website to get in touch with you immediately (or later).

Also, ensure you include a share button so visitors can easily share with their friends and followers on social media platforms.

6. Build Trust and remind customers of services you offer

You’ll agree with me that having many customers in the most case usually translate to more sales, and the easiest way to increase your clients base is not to lose them. Most businesses in Nigeria now focus only on generating traffic to their website neglecting customer relations.

Bonding with your customers will go a long way to retain and sustain their interest in your business.

Ways to Increase Sales through your Website in Nigeria

This can be achieved through specifically targeted follow-up emails to customers offering them a related product or service (you can do this automatically with a good email auto-responder and shopping cart). Informing them of deals is also great. Do well to maintain good rapport with your customers because it pays.

 7. Retarget your ads campaign to reach more Prospects

Ways to Increase Sales through your Website in Nigeria

The truth is, if you don’t retarget your ads, indeed you’re missing out on a big time.

To do this, consider developing a custom email to reach out to people that visited your website as soon as they leave.

The point is, these visitors immediately get this friendly message that reads “thank you, Mr Eze, for your time on our website. Hope you got the information you need? Please feel free to use this link should you have any further question or use the live chat button on the website. Have a nice day!

With this kind of message, the person will be like, oh! this person knew I was here?

So if you want to capture this prospects, reach out to him/her as soon as they leave. You stand a better chance of converting that prospect (s) to actual customer thereby increasing your chance of increasing sale for your business.

To actualize this and hit the the best results with retargeted ads, create custom ads to appeal to custom audience. This type of customized retargeted ad can be well worth the investment and drive a crazy amount of sales, said Neil Patel.


Got more ideas on how to increase sales for businesses through the website, please share.

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