grow business best digital marketer and web designer in Nigeria-Eze Erondu

Do you want to move your business from its crawling stage to actual profiting?

If yes, then you’re at the place.

The following are working techniques I personally recommend to help you leverage the power of the internet to grow your business in 2018.

Regardless of the business line you are in, you can generate loyal customers if you practice these very simple strategies:



Whether you are running a business with several product categories or you are working in partnership with other non-related companies/agencies, the last thing you want to do as a beginner is to get your audience confused.

A typical example is Backdesk Innovative Solutions which offers various services like Digital Marketing, Web Design, Corporate Branding, Data Entry, Concierge for Nigerians in Diaspora, etc; it will be a wrong practice to market all services at once.

What then do I suggest?

Focus on a single product/service and — PROMOTE/MARKET IT. SELL IT.

Do everything you can to increase popularity of the product/service.

This in return, will help you create organic leads and ultimately generate more sales.


HIGH-QUALITY-CONTENT---Eze Erondu best digital marketer, Content Marketer in Abuja, Lagos and Nigeria

High quality contents are relevant and engaging information that convert old time visitors to returning customers and also encourages visitors to take buying actions into purchasing what you are selling.

This in-turn reduces the bounce rate and help search engines and social networks see your content as relevant.

To understand more on this, read Neil Patel’s post on how user behavior affects SEO


invest-in-mobile-responsiveness---Eze Erondu-Best Web Designer in Nigeria, Abuja, Lagos, nIGERIA Digital Digital Marketer

It’s no news that most of your website visitors will be using mobile gadgets and you would want to create a well-structured website that adjusts easily to their device.

This helps them navigate, getting as much detail as possible.


leverage-social-media-marketing - bACKDESK - Best Social media mARketer in Nigeria, Abuja, Lagos, Eze Erondu

Social media is the fastest growing trend that the whole world is fast embracing. So far, it has grown faster than the internet itself.

Research has shown that Social media Marketing generates 100% more leads than outbound marketing.

84% of B2B marketers use social media for lead generation.

Regardless what you sell and who your target audience are, social media as a marketing tool that can help you project your brand, generate active leads and ultimately grow loyal paying customers.

Also have in mind that engaging contents in terms of insightful posts and good graphic support is equally important to help drive active interaction between you and your target audience.

To know more about Social Media Marketing, read what Neil Patel has to say in his post – Social Media Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide.



I also recommend you visit the following links for further reading on how best you could leverage the power of the internet to generate more revenue and grow your business.

At Backdesk, helping small and thriving businesses grow has always been our aim.

The question is — will yours be the next business to take the greatest leap this 2018?

About The Author

Eze Erondu is a Web Designer & Digital Marketing Manager for Backdesk. He is passionate about promoting the visual representations of Businesses in Nigeria; helping them attract more customers and grow revenue. As a prolific forger of impressive Brand Identities, Eze Erondu is also popular for his exceptional skills in Graphic Design and Web Design, helping businesses win through Digital Communications.

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