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As a Nigerian, being in another country and keeping eyes and ears on your projects back home can be one seriously cumbersome task. There is always that one project process that seems too delicate for anyone other than yourself to handle and needs your unwavering attention. However, as much as you would like to handle everything by yourself from start to finish, being separated by oceans will be a major obstacle, therefore, there are certain realities that you would have to consider:

  • Frequent travels might not sit well with your bank account, which leaves the other option – Teleportation
  • Teleportation is still hypothetical, so forget about appearing and disappearing, it’s not going to happen
  • You’ve only got two hands and you would need them to do other things where you are
  • There are just 24hours in a day, and you would need a large number of these hours if you intend to make these trips – hours that you might not even have to spare.

After these universal truths have been taken into consideration, your next move will probably be the most common, yet one of the most unreliable – assign a relative or friend back in Nigeria to the task. These tasks that are assigned could be as minute as buying and delivering a birthday present to your loved one, or as important as starting a building project or a business venture. Whatever the errand, it will most probably require money to be carried out.

Most people have heard of or even experienced first-hand, cases where funds transferred for these purposes were misused, or worse, never seen again, leaving the job half-finished or totally undone. Sometimes, reasons for these hazards may include non-professionalism in performing duties, lack of time management, disorganization, and fraud even.

Why would you need concierge services back in Nigeria?

Having a professional concierge service provider over in Nigeria handle your corporate or personal errands while you are overseas has a great deal of advantages:

Save Time

With the pile of work that one may have lined up, 24hours in a day would seem insufficient to handle every task efficiently. How much more time then, would one need if they had to infuse crossing borders and moving interstate to perform duties, into an already tight schedule?

Employing the services of a professional concierge back home in Nigeria where these tasks need to be carried out will save you enough time to concentrate on other more pressing tasks closer to you.

Save Money

Of course this is more than important. Apart from the fact that you save cost by cancelling frequent travelling from your to-do list, you reduce the risk of putting your money in the wrong hands and having it misused or stolen. A professional and registered concierge service provider will be easy to track, and therefore will not put his business at risk by swindling a client. It is always advisable to conduct a research on individuals or companies that perform these services in order to secure a good business relationship based on trust.


With your project and tasks entrusted into the care of a professional, one can easily get things done without actually doing much. Hiring a professional concierge service in Nigeria while away from the country makes for a stress-free process, as your mind would be at ease as to whether or not things are being done. Regular reports on work progress are delivered at every point – in cases of large projects – to keep the client up-to-date and to receive further instructions.


A professional corporate or personal concierge will already be skilled in certain areas; organizing, time management, multi-tasking, local knowledge (for easy locating and access), communication, etc. – skills which your random friend or relative might not possess. A personal concierge will infuse all of these skills into handling every task at hand, therefore, producing an impressive, lasting outcome for his client.

Your concierge service provider is basically your extra pair of hands doing everything you want just the way you want it (maybe even better), and at the time in which they need to be done. Entrusting your small or large projects in the hands of concierge services in Nigeria while abroad will guarantee the safety and proper use of your funds, as well as ensure a highly positive outcome.


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