The world marketplace has undergone the highest transformation in marketing since the industrial revolution. The dawn of the internet has drastically changed the modus operandi of businesses from businesses through service providers.

By delivering and offering several effective marketing opportunities and techniques, as well as quick access to more relatable and measurable data, statistics, figures, and trends than ever witnessed in history, technology has done four major things for businesses:

  • Bridge the gap between businesses and consumer, organizations & masses, business to business partnership and more.
  • Created new opportunities for wider reach for service providers.
  • More marketing opportunities through innovative tools for better results
  • Helped businesses with better approaches towards getting a specific target audience.

Thus, big companies and organizations now outsource tasks and responsibilities that were originally handled in-house in a traditional way and more that came with technological advancement.

Considering the fast-paced world of digitization (online activities including marketing), it has become even more difficult for companies to maintain an in-house staff of qualified professionals who can address the steady growing demands that technology places on employees and employers alike.

A good example of this difficulty is an additional cost of hiring experts to complement the company to the growing demands of marketing as well as the office space for these experts.

For these reasons, hiring a digital marketing agency is often the best choice of action for companies and businesses. Those who are seeking to establish an online presence and boost their brands leveraging the marketing opportunities that the internet offers its users.

To save time and cost for your business online marketing needs; PARTNER WITH BACKDESK INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS

Just to know, Backdesk Innovative Solutions (BIS)  offers amongst others, outstanding Website Design, Branding, and Digital Marketing services with the aim of assisting businesses in strengthening brand credibility, increasing product visibility and traffic, promoting businesses online and – most importantly –generating returns for her partners.

Our Mission is to partner with start-ups and companies of all sizes for the primary aim of Branding, Promoting and Acquiring customers, with tailored and high performing digital solutions that drive revenue.

Our Vision is to be a brand name in the areas of Online Marketing & Business Solutions to help as many businesses of all sorts of sizes in Nigeria and across the globe have a revenue driven and compelling online presence

Why Partner With Backdesk?

In today’s competitive economy, cultivating strategic partner relationships is crucial to any company’s long-term success. We recognize the importance of partner relationships and is dedicated to providing a profitable agreement with partners (clients). At Backdesk, partners are an asset. We do not consider our partners just as an outlet for marketing their brand or products but as an extension of the company as well as part of our internal project.

Our partnership with businesses focuses on improving the current online presence for the brand and her products through innovative and current effective digital marketing strategy that will aggressively help to promote and engage the community of potential & existing customers alike and their unique online proposition that combines online Brand retailing and support traditional marketing as well.

Benefits of Hiring Backdesk For Your Digital Marketing Needs

Below are only but a few benefits and reasons why you should consider the best Digital Marketing Agency for your online marketing needs.

1. It helps you cut down on marketing costs in terms of hiring New in-house team

Hiring a digital marketing agency is less costly compared to a team in-house nowadays. When you consider searching for a team of experts who can lead, research, update, monitor, process, write and measure your marketing strategy, it is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Backdesk has all these specialties and more for a portion of the cost (in terms of money and time) it would take to hire a qualified in-house team.

2. Get Access To Skilled Professionals

Digital marketing is beyond the initiation of great ideas but more on the technical expertise and know-how to translate those ideas and make them reflect positively when applied.

Our team are skilled and perfectly understood the technicalities that are involved in digital marketing.

We leverage the knowledge acquired in working for other kinds of businesses to fashion and custom a strategy that best suits our client’s business.

This we do, by segmenting the target audience which is the best approach to engage and most especially the best ways to convert them to actual paying customers.

Our staff is specialized – which means, for every of your online marketing need, you get a dedicated staff to ensure not just the success but also prompt delivery.

3. Our results are measurable

With our team expertise and specialization in digital marketing, we can provide you with the analytics and reports that give you a tangible measure of the results you are getting through our services. We can analyze and prove with accurate results to see the values and improvements on the service (s) rendered.

4. Office Space & High Cost Of Equipment

This is a major issue when it comes to employee engagement as most companies are faced with limited space and office tools. Backdesk shares the workload of your employees, allowing you to increase efficiency.

5. “Always Available” Work Culture

As the number of jobs increases, so does the need for more staff. The Backdesk team stands in as an extension of your office. This saves you the stress of employing more internal staff. Why not work with a team you can always call for specific tasks?

6. Focus On Your Core Activities

This Partnership platform plays an important role by allowing your key resources to focus on primary business tasks. While Backdesk staff handles the rest as it regards Branding and Internet Marketing in a cost-effective manner for you.

7. It is budget friendly:

We know that every business has its strength in terms of fund. That is the reason our plan is flexible, but as an Agency, we owe it to you to provide you with the recommended budget to help you achieve your business goals to the fullest

These are only but few benefits you will get if you partner with the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria.



About The Author

Kingsley Mbadugha

Experienced Business Strategist and Manager with a profound history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in Brand promotion and management. I have helped many businesses establish an online presence which resulted to increase in profit making. I am truly passionate about my work and always eager to connect with those who need my expertise.


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