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A business website plays an important role in the credibility and sales of businesses.

This is why businesses place much attention on creating a website that creates a positive mindset in the minds of their viewers.

What pages should my business website have?

The aforementioned is a popular question businesses ask when they want to create a website for their business. When creating a website, there are some pages that are important.

Here are the important pages that every business website should have.

1. Business Website needs “Homepages”.

The homepage is the first page individuals will see when they visit your website. It introduces your brand with a short description of your business and what you do.

A good home page;

  • Captures the attention of your website visitors.
  • Gives them a description of your business.

Every business website needs a homepage.


 2. “About Page” is also a vital page in Business Websites.

This page is where visitors learn additional details about your brand.

It provides relevant information about your brand like;

  • Your business history.
  • The company’s mission and vision.
  • Images and job description of Team members.

Your About Page should contain information about your brand that differentiates it from your competitors.

about us

3. Business “Product or service page”.

This page is merged with the about us page at times, but it’s advisable to make it a different page. The product or service page contains a list and a simple explanation of your products or services.

For e-commerce businesses, this page is a great way to list out your available products and their information. Each product should have a description which should contain;

  • Product summary.
  • Price.
  • Size.
  • Weight and so on.

products on business website

4. Additionally, your Business Website needs a “Contact page”.

This page is one of the most important pages on business websites. It provide website visitors with the necessary information needed to communicate with you.

This page contains relevant information such as;

  • Physical address.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Opening hours, and so on.

contact us page on business website

5. Business websites should also have a “Blog page”.

This page contains a compilation of all blogs by your business. Website blogs should contain relevant content and marketable content. By this, the blogs can get more readers, and attract traffic to the website.

It’s important because it improves search engine ranking, builds brand credibility, increases lead generation, and offers other benefits.

blog page of business website

6. Furthermore, a “Portfolio page” is important in Business Websites.

This page gives businesses an opportunity to show their customers what they can do. This builds your brand credibility, seeing your portfolio, individuals will be able to trust your business.

Furthermore, businesses that can only showcase their products can use this page to showcase testimonials.

Seeing reviews about your products from satisfied customers makes your product more trustworthy.

portfolio of business website

7. Lastly, a Business Website should also have an “FAQ page”.

The page helps website visitors know the answers to some of the questions that they might have about your products or services.

These questions are meant to be short. Additionally, the answers should be easy to understand.

FAQ on business website


With all of these business website pages, your website will be an instrument for generating sales. What web pages do you have on your business website?

If your website does not have these pages then you might have to make some adjustments.

Now that you know the pages your business website has, it’s important to get started with creating the website.

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