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Why does my business need digital marketing?

The use of the internet by individuals to search for businesses, products, and services has been on the increase. How do you display your products or service to individuals online if your business isn’t online?

Digital marketing helps you put your business online, grow your business, and make sales.

Here are 7 reasons why your business needs digital marketing;

1. Your Customers are Online 

Your customers are online. The number of individuals on the internet are numerous, and one of the activities they carry out online is to search for products or services.

digital marketingVarious studies have shown that customers check websites and reviews before making purchases. Customers usually go through business websites and reviews before making purchases from them. Therefore, if you don’t have a website, you should get one. A website will help you acquire more customers because they search for businesses like yours online.

Social media platforms are also locations where you can find your customers. Businesses are beginning to realize the importance of social media to their business, and they are beginning to create social media business accounts. Social media enhances business visibility by customers. It helps maintain old customers. And it also helps in advertising products and services to customers, thereby, making sales.

2. Digital Marketing Increases Your Business Visibility

With internet marketing, you can show your business to the world. Your business website and your social media handles are available to individuals 24/ marketing

Therefore, your business is being marketed 24/7.

The moment when your business becomes visible, individuals become familiar with your product/service. It also helps you display and market your products and services. Furthermore, it helps you acquire leads.



3. It Helps in Creating Awareness 

digital marketingOnline advertising allows you to introduce your product to a lot of potential customers. When your products and services are introduced to new customers, you gain their attention, and thereby get more leads.

Also, with the engaging content on your website, you can gain more traffic to your website. Therefore, asides having a good website, you also need engaging content on your website to keep the attention of your customer when they visit your website.




4. Digital Marketing Helps You Connect With Your Audience. 

digital marketingSocial media platforms provide a means for two-way communication between you and your customers. This allows you to get feedback, complaints, and even suggestions from your customers. With all of that, you can make adjustments to your business, thereby, offer better services and products to your customers.





5. Generate Revenues

digital marketing Effective online marketing leads to higher conversions. Higher conversions lead to more profit for businesses and that way, they get to generate revenue.

You can get returns on investment via various digital marketing tools, they include;

  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • Paid Advertisement.
  • Social media marketing and so on.



6. Digital Marketing Allows You Run Targeted Advertisements

For traditional ads, you always have a target audience when running those ads. That advert can reach a lot of individuals but not the target audience. digital marketingWith digital marketing, you can target your customers. you can use their demographics and other features to target them. Using these qualities, you can create an ad and target the right customers.

One type of advertisement is a search advertisement or pay per click (PPC). This form of advertisement targets audiences who search for specific words on google. You can target the audience that searches for specific words related to your business, by placing your website above others on the search.

Social media advertising allows you to show your advert to customers based on their interests, location, and other features. This form of advert is preferred because social media platforms provide certain data about individuals that helps with creating ads.


7. Lastly, It Provides Analytics

Unlike traditional advertising, with paid advertisements, you can see the result of your advert. digital marketing Internet marketing allows you to measure the result of every campaign you run. With the analytics, you can tell if the campaign was successful or not. Furthermore, you can also other metrics like; the views, impressions, click-through rates, and so on.

Analytics allows you see well your campaign performs and realize if you’re getting results or not.

Analytics also help you create better campaigns. This is because you get to see the mistakes you made in the previous campaign.



Digital Marketing is a tool that has been used by various businesses to increase their brand’s credibility and visibility. It’s an obvious fact that your business needs digital marketing to compete with and outgrow your competitors.

Knowledge and application are different. Now that you know the importance of digital marketing to your business, you will have to implement (apply) digital marketing strategies.

We look forward to helping you implement digital marketing strategies for your business.

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About The Author

Peace Ola is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Backdesk Innovative Solutions. She is experienced in creating, optimizing, and promoting engaging content that drives sales and increases revenue.


  1. Great snippets you have shared here Peace. The advantages of Digital Marketing cannot be compared with traditional offline marketing.
    Digital Marketing is cheaper and saves one’s precious time compared to traditional marketing.

    Any business owner that is not deliberately engaging in Digital Marketing and advertising online will soon be left behind.

    Our 2 cents!

  2. I really like your blog, I love the way you wrote this content. Thanks for sharing such great information with us.

  3. Very informative blog. Keep posting!

  4. Very informative blog. Keep posting!

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  6. Great article! Thank you for sharing this informative post, and looking forward to the latest one.

  7. Amazing Blog, The reason to adopt digital marketing is precisely explained & to the point. Digital Marketing is no more an option but a necessity, and this point is quite clear from the blog. Thank you for such an informative piece of article.

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