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Have you heard about twitter ads before now?

Twitter ads are an effective strategy to target your audience and achieve excellent results. The benefits of twitter advertisements for your business include:

1. Twitter Ads Reach Millions of People

twitter adsAs of 2019, Twitter boasted of 330 million monthly active users. Of these, more than 40 percent, or more specifically, 145 million, use the service on a daily basis. This means that with twitter, there’s a large audience to reach using advertising on twitter.

With the number of reach on Twitter, your business can reach a large number of people and introduce your brand to your audience. You can also advertise your products and services to individuals thereby increasing sales and getting returns on your investment.

2. Twitter Ads provide awesome targeting options

Twitter offers some unique ad targeting features. twitter ads

Advertising on twitter allows you to target your audience using;

  • Keywords and hashtags
  • Engager. This means targeting individuals who have interacted with your tweet.
  • Interests

Advertisements on Twitter are usually shown in users’ timelines as promoted tweets. Twitter Adverts look like every other advert and Twitter allows individuals to interact with your advert. They can retweet, like, and do some other things.


3. Twitter Ads Increase Brand Awareness

twitter adsAsides generating leads, Twitter adverts can also be used to create brand awareness. Twitter advertisements introduce your business, its products, and services to several individuals. As a result of that,

  • Individuals will get to discover your business.
  • Your business will gain the attention of individuals interested in your niche.
  • You will obtain more followers, likes, and even retweet.

4. Twitter Ads Increases Lead Generation

 Twitter adverts help acquire leads and increase your database.

twitter ads

By directing paid advertisements to your website, you can generate leads and get a concise database. For instance, you can link the paid advertisement to your website and get individuals to signup or register, thereby increasing your database and acquiring new customers. There are various ways to generate leads via promoted ads.

Employ such methods and generate more leads today!


5. Twitter Ads Increases Website Traffic

twitter adsAdvertising on Twitter is a great tool to drive traffic on your website. Twitter ads include the use of keywords. These keywords lead to more followers and more traffic on your profile, thereby also driving traffic to your landing page.

Asides the use of keywords, website traffic can also be acquired by making website traffic the ad objective. You can also run your Twitter ad on a blog post, thereby driving traffic to your website via the blog.

6. Twitter ads are Pay Per Objective Achieved

twitter adsAsides being affordable, twitter ads run based on objectives achieved.  This means that the payment for Twitter adverts is based on the achieved objective. Whatever your ad objective is, your money will be only be deducted when that is achieved.

So twitter advertisements are Pay Per Objective Acheived.


7. Twitter Ads Aids in Closing Sales

Closing sales can sometimes be difficult but Advertising on Twitter can be used to remarket to audiences thattwitter ads did not close sales.

To get an excellent result from the Twitter adverts, you have to be specific about your objective and target audience. In his case where the goal is to close sales, you can target the audience that has visited your website but has not closed sales. And the objective will be to get clicks, which is to get your target audience to visit your website and thereby close the sale.



Advertising on Twitter exposes you to a large audience thereby promoting your brand and then engage with potential customers.

Now that you know the benefits of twitter adverts, why not get started?

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