LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn Ads? 

Why should I settle for LinkedIn?


These are the questions many businesses ask. The truth is, all the social media platforms you know of, have different audiences. This means that you have to be on the right platform to attract the right audience.

LinkedIn audiences are educated individuals who are professionals in different fields. Therefore, if you’re a business in the educational sector, LinkedIn is a good social media platform for your business.

For such businesses, you need LinkedIn advertisements.

Here are the benefits of LinkedIn ads to your business:

1. LinkedIn Ads Provides Access to a Large Audience

Large Audience

LinkedIn has a large audience of 675 million users.  The audience on LinkedIn provides more information about themselves than you will see on any social media platform. The extra information that can be found on LinkedIn user’s accounts is; Their location, work experience, present place of work, job role, skills, location, and so much more.

Other platforms provide less information about their audience. Meanwhile, using LinkedIn, you can get access to a large audience, and you can also get added information about that audience.

2. LinkedIn Ads have Unique Targeting Option.

TargettingIn other to get a successful result for an advert, you have to make sure 2 things are in place.

  • Your message.
  • Target audience.

The message your social media advert is trying to pass across should be for the right target audience. If that’s not the case, your target audience would not react positively to the message passed across, and that way, it will not be successful.

LinkedIn makes achieving a successful advert easy for you. It already has a specific target audience, which is professionals. So, your major goal will be to use your content to achieve the objective of your ad.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows you to target your audience based on some specific details like; job functions and titles, industry, skills, and other categories.


3. Access to a variety of Advert Types

LinkedIn ads provide its users with various adoptions. Advertising via LinkedIn can be done via LinkedIn adsdifferent forms including;

  • Text.
  • Images.
  • And videos.

The types of ads available on LinkedIn are;

  • Sponsored Inmail.
  • Video ads.
  • Sponsored Content.
  • Carousel ads.
  • Video ads.
  • Text ads.
  • Display ads.
  • Dynamic ads.

The different ads on LinkedIn have their different benefits. Before choosing the ad to make use of, ensure you know its features and benefits.

4. LinkedIn Ads aids your business in Gaining exposure

Brand VisibilityLinkedIn is a social media platform majorly dominated by professional individuals. The platform provides room to present your brand to professional individuals in society. As a result, individuals get to see your business when they search for services related to that which your business provides.

Adverts run n LinkedIn will get to meet a large number of individuals and that way, you get to expose your brand to a large number of individuals and make your brand visible.

5. Increase Your Conversion Rates With Little Cost

ConversionsWhen used properly, LinkedIn ads lead to conversions and also provides an avenue to manage your budget.

Similar to other platforms, LinkedIn allows you to manage your budget for the ad and change it at any time based on the performance of your campaign.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows you to see how well your advert is performing so that you can make adjustments to the advert so that positive results can be gotten from it.

6. Lead Generation With LinkedIn Ads

Lead GenerationLinkedIn helps in generating leads and thereby increasing sales. Lead generation forms can be used to generate leads for ad campaigns. Lead generation forms are forms that are linked to advertising campaigns. Such forms can be used to generate data from valuable customers who are interested in the product/service.

7. Direct connection with your target audience.

Target AudienceUsing LinkedIn, you can send customized messages from your business to your audience. Sponsored Inmail allows you to attract your audience by sending them customized messages. This also allows you to encourage your users to sign up for different activities. Furthermore, it allows you to create content that pushes your users to patronize your business.

With Sponsored Inmail campaigns, LinkedIn tells you when a user is inactive, so that way, you don’t waste money advertising to them. Asides saving cost, this also helps in reaching the available audience, and it helps to earn meaningful results from the advert.


Many businesses run to Facebook because they just believe their audience is there. What if Facebook isn’t the right social media platform for your business?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of LinkedIn ads, you’ll agree that it’s a unique platform where you can market your services professionally, and it might just be the perfect social media platform for your business.

Get in touch with professionals and get help with;

  • The right platform for your business, and
  • Properly implemented ad campaigns that boost your sales and promote your business.

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