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Generating huge web traffic is every business’ dream, and without constant quality traffic, online businesses wouldn’t generate enough sales. For this reason, businesses try to learn various ways to generate web traffic.

Here are 5 proven ways you can generate web traffic to your business website.


1. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves adding certain words, called keywords into the content of your website. Web trafficThese words will be identified by search engines and in turn, help your website rank high on search engine result pages.

In order to rank high on search engine result pages, there are two important points you should note;

First and foremost, high search volume keywords should be used in your web content, and secondly, low-competition keywords should be used in your web content.

Search volume is the number of times the keyword searched for, each month.


2. Social Media Marketing is an effective tool for generating web traffic

Social media platforms have an effect on the traffic that comes to your website. 


Using links.

Links to your social media platforms should be included on your website. Also, links to your blog posts can be published on social media platforms. This helps in generating web traffic.

Web TrafficBut how do I drive traffic to my social media accounts? 

a. Share engaging content on your social media platforms.

b. Making use of the right hashtags also helps in driving traffic to your social media accounts.


The content shared on social media should be engaging and related to your business. This means that it should reflect on your products or services.


3. Paid Advertisement.

Paid ads Paid Advertising is a popular way of increasing web traffic, and it works! It involves paying for space or placements in search engine result pages and also involves the use of words that customers search for, to target them.

You can also advertise on Facebook. All you need to do is: create engaging content, include offers, and add a link to your website as the call to action CTA).


4. Email Marketing Campaigns

Asides content marketing, Email marketing is also an important tool in driving web traffic.

Emails should contain important keywords and links to your website.

Web trafficSo many businesses are so focused on attracting new customers through content marketing that they forget about more traditional methods.

Successful email marketing campaigns can lead to web traffic. An email about a new service or product and even offers can help you boost your traffic too.




5. Customer Testimonials and Ratings

Customer reviewClient testimonials often build trust and improve credibility and with clients’ testimonials, prospects can be turned to customers!

Clients’ testimonials include the client’s image and are presented in the form of a video or statement.

Hospitality or travel-related businesses, acquire more customers from ratings.



These, as we have discussed, are 5 proven ways to drive traffic to your website, so try out the following methods and give us feedback in the comment section.

Meanwhile, if you need help with increasing your web traffic, contact us today!

We make use of a result-oriented approach in acquiring not just traffic, but quality leads that in turn, generate revenue.

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Peace Ola is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Backdesk Innovative Solutions. She is experienced in creating, optimizing, and promoting engaging content that drives sales and increases revenue.

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