Why your church needs a website


Your church needs a website.

Have you been paying for advertisements to show your church to the world?

Guess what? You don’t need to do that.

All you need to show your church to the world is a website.

With a church website, you can gain exposure and get new church members. 

Other reasons why you need a church website are as follows:

1. A Website Makes Your Church Visible Online, Thereby Increasing Church Members

Why your church needs a website

Individuals search for products and services “near them” daily. You may be wondering, do they search for churches too? Oh yes they do! I for one have done it a lot of times in new environments.

Individuals who make such searches online are either looking for a church to be part of, or information such as sermons, books, and so on. The only way to make sure you are found by others online is to be online. How do I do that? It’s simple… Get a website!

In times of crisis, various activities are put on hold, including church activities. In times like that, how do you get sermons across to your church members? How do you keep up with the various mid-week services? You can do all of that online. All you need is a good website.

Having an online presence keeps people coming to your church because when you have an online presence, you become visible. Your online presence might not be enough to get church members, but your content can…

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2. Church Websites Can Be Used To Pass Information Across To Church Members.

Church members might not always be able to go to church or might be away (in another country) for a while and might still want to hear the messages by their pastor. This can be done through a website. The sermon can be written and uploaded on the website, as well as an audio or video format. This allows church members to follow up on sermons they’ve missed.

In times like this (Times of Crisis), a website will be very useful for your church. All activities, including church gatherings have been put on hold. So how then can members get to hear sermons? Well, all you need is a website.

Asides that, church websites also inform visitors. After individuals might have gone through the pages and content on your website, they would have a vivid image of what your church stands for. Which is enough to make them members of your church.

3. Every Church Activity Can Be Done On A Website.

Why your church needs a website

Individuals can carry out various activities via a church website. Including but not limited to, listening to messages, making payments for their tithes and other church charity activities, receive information about recent developments in the church, signup for certain events in the church, and so on.

4. A Church Website Makes Your Church and Information About It Easily Accessible

Churches can’t be open for 24 hours, but they can do that with a website.

Websites are always accessible and the information they contain is always intact, except when edited or erased.

This means the information individuals need about the church, especially visitors, are always available online.

Some primary church website content are:

  • The location of the church,
  • The service times,
  • Information about the church’s beliefs and the leaders profile,
  • Sermons and,
  • Contact information.

5. A Website Increases Church Members Involvement 

A church website allows the sharing of information to subscribers, thereby increasing their engagement. A website can serve as a means to inform members of mid-week services. Being reminded of such will assist church members in planning towards being a part of it.

Overall, with an online presence, there will be more engagements and support from members of the church and even outsiders.


Your church’s website is how you can get discovered. It’s always accessible and church members can signup for events, give donations, offerings/tithes, and more!

A church website will benefit the congregation, the church, and the community at large. So don’t delay the process of getting one!

Get your church a website today!

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