5 Best Online Payment Gateways For your E-Commerce business

Online Payment gateways are safe technology used to accept payments from customers. They are the technology that allows payments with credit cards.

Payment gateways are reliable methods of payment that relieve the transaction process for businesses that accept non-cash payments.

So how does it work? 

The payment gateway application serves as a middleman between the business’ bank and the customers’ bank.

After a customer inputs his/her credit card details on your e-commerce website, the payment gateway transfers the credit card information to the business account payment processing system.

The payment processor then contacts the customer’s credit card network and directs the transaction to the customer’s bank. Lastly, if the fund is available, the customer’s bank will approve the transaction and then release the funds to the business account. This will be communicated to the e-commerce platform through the payment gateway that the payment has been successfully processed.

Simple process right? It has been made simple with payment gateways, which is why you need one.

Here’s our list of some payment gateways in Nigeria;

1. Paystack

Paystack - Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria

Paystack is an online payment gateway for Africa. This means this payment gateway can be used in Nigeria. Customers in Nigeria can make payment through Paystack. Paystack helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Paystack makes payment easy and simple.

It allows your customers to pay in different ways which include; Card, Bank Account, GTB 737, Visa QR, and so on.

It protects you and your customers from fraud, and it also gives detailed reports and data to help with your accounting.

2. Glade

Glade is a digital bank for small businesses in Africa. It allows you to send money at low rates and Accept online and in-store payments.

Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria - Glade


All you have to do on Glade is to;

a. Create an account

b. Login

c. Provide your account details

d. Provide details of your products

e. Manage your products

And you’re done!




VoguePay is a secure platform that makes payments easy. With VoguePay, you can accept payments from all card types for local and international transactions.

Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria - VoguePay

It gives your customers various ways to pay online like; Internet banking (direct pay), wallet transfers, mobile payment, and even subscription billing.

Lastly, VoguePay send weekly detailed report to keep your updated on your sales and cash flow.

4. PayU

 PayU - Online Payment Gateway

PayU allows local and global payments. It allows users not covered by traditional banks to access credit in a way that suits them and removes the risk to merchants.

It allows you to accept online payments for goods and services without a website.

PayU is convenient, simple, and known for its global presence and local expertise.



5. Flutterwave

Flutterwave allows local and global payments. They simplify payment processes by allowing direct payment from;

a. Cards

b. Bank Account

c. Mobile Money

d. POS

e. Visa QR


f. Bank Transfer

g. USSD and so on.

It provides a fast and secure checkout experience for your customer. It also supports Android, iOS, and desktop and is compatible with e-commerce stores.


Payment gateways are important in e-commerce, they help to transfer the information about transactions between banks. Thereby reducing fraud for e-commerce businesses and helping customers complete transactions freely, i.e on one site.

Now that you know the importance of online payment gateways in Nigeria, why not get your business an e-commerce website and leave the payment gateway integration to the experts.


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