Facebook Ads Step by Step Guide for 2018-Kingsley Mbadugha

Running adverts on Facebook have become one of the most effective ways businesses can promote their brand and create unlimited awareness about their products and services –Do you agree?

Facebook Ads has helped most businesses generate traffic, lead and a huge return on Investments (ROI) – It will help you too.

While I was reading through comments on blogs and forums, I noticed that most people (businesses) don’t have the idea on how to place Ads on Facebook and how it works either.

Read on and I will give a practical step by step guide on how you can advertise your product and services through Facebook and achieve your campaign objectives.

Before you place your Facebook Ad, ensure your business has a Facebook Page.

Learn how to create and manage your Facebook business page here.

Step 1. Go to your Facebook business page:

Look up at the Facebook home page. Can you see the options button? Click on it. When you do, you’ll see a text that reads “Create an Ad” just click on it. You’ll be directed to “choose your objective” section as shown in the screenshot below.

                               Step by Step Guide on How to place Adverts on Facebo

Step 2.  Select your Ads campaign objective

There are different categories you can choose from when placing Ads on Facebook as displayed above. Choose the one that will help you achieve your business campaign and then proceed to the next section.

Step 3. Set up Adverts account:

Click on add account.  The “add account” section will display the image below.

Step by Step Guide on How to place Adverts on Facebo

At this point, you’re required to enter the following account information.

  • Account country
  • Currency
  • Time Zone

When you’re done, look below; can you see the “show advanced options”? There you can add your account name. This (Account name) is your Business name you want the advert run with. Click continue when you’re through with the account name.

Step 4. Select your Target Audience

Every business has a target audience. So your focus at this stage will be to choose the audience you want to inform about your business campaign through Facebook. Ensure you choose the right audience since it will determine the success of your ad campaign.

To be able to choose the right audience, Facebook has stipulated a guide that will help you define the best audience for the Ad campaign. Such as;

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Interests, etc

Be sure to select the category that is relevant to your business and your Ad campaign.

Then click on the “save the Audience” button


Here you decide how you want your ad placement to be. Automatic Placements is highly recommended as shown in the screenshot below.

Step by Step Guide on How to place Adverts on Facebo

Step 5. Choose the Budget and Schedule for your Adverts

This section requires you to choose how much you’d like to spend daily on your Ad campaign.

Take, for instance, if you’d want to spend $20.0 or N1000.00 depending on the currency you’re operating on; enter the amount you want. Observe the screenshot below for clarity. After that, you can proceed to the next section.

               Step by Step Guide on How to place Adverts on Facebo


Step 6:  Choose how you’d want your Facebook business Adverts to look.

Step by Step Guide on How to place Adverts on Facebo

Step 7. Select the Ad destination & include the ad copy/text.

This is quite simple, select the destination option and then write a concise text about your ad. Ensure the ad text is brief but comprehensive enough to be able to sell the product.

Step by Step Guide on How to place Adverts on Facebo

Now you can review your Ad.

It’s normal for Facebook to automatically generate a review of your ad usually at the bottom of the page so you can see what the ad exactly look like.

Step by Step Guide on How to place Adverts on Facebo

The major reason for this review is for you to make corrections of things that are out of place. After the review, you can go ahead and confirm the terms and conditions.

Conclusively, a Facebook ad is an essential part of an effective marketing campaign that can help you reach your target audience. Don’t ignore Facebook advertising strategy, it pays.

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